Ms. Fancy Pants

Bow is not your everyday, normal, average girl. Her father is the owner of a model agency who is pretty high up in status, bringing in good pay. Bow gets everything she wants, be it clothes, the latest gadgets, jewelry, anything she wants. You could say her life is perfect, but really it isn't. Bow's mother died giving birth to Bow so her father married some random lady years after. Ever since the day she gained a stepmother, Bow has always hated her life. She always had anger problems, and always had tantrums, but they got worse and she started hating everyone and almost everything. Bow now uses her father's status to her advantage, but is never happy with her life. But will that all change when a certain boy band becomes her father's new clients? What will happen when one of the boys walks into her life and turns her whole world around?

((More suitable for more mature people))


10. Friends and Morning Calls


As Harry and Bow, we continued to argue and mess around with each other a lot. I had only known the guys for a bout a week and we were all pretty close, considering we hung out pretty much everyday. And everyday that Harry would come to my room, we followed our own little protocol. He would lock the door, I would pull out the dictionary, we would go into my secret room, and we would become Nerd and Bookworm.

"You look so sad," I heard Marissa say. My head bobbed up. We were in my room, laying on our stomachs on my bed, our feet crossed in the air. We were in our PJ's, t-shirts and shorts. I had invited her over for a slumber party, and so far all we had done was braid each others hair and start painting our nails. "You miss him don't you?"

"Huh?" I was confused. "Miss him? Miss who?" Marissa smiled at me and rolled her eyes. I swallowed my spit and grabbed at the black nail polish. 

"Harry, duh," Marissa said in a lovey-dovey tone. I did a fake gag. She laughed and resumed painting her nails a mint color. "I'm a bit bummed that they had to go back home, their next concert here isn't for another month." I frowned. A month without the boys seemed long, and lonely. "Don't worry, I'm sure he thinks about you, since you know, you guys like each other so much." She was having a giggle fit as my face burned up and my jaw dropped.

"You did not just go there!" I groaned, then whined. She was right though. We did like each other. Harry told me, just before he left to the airport, that he liked me. I don't know what he meant, as a friend or as a girl he would want as his girlfriend, but it triggered something in my heart of feelings. 

"Oh but I did!" Marissa giggled. She finished her hands, going through my nail design box to find studs or little pearly looking beads. I stuck my tongue out at her and let my nails dry. Once they were dry, we went on my laptop and went on photo booth. I undid my braid, since Marissa purposely messed up anyways, and tied it into a high ponytail. Marissa kept her long hair in the almost perfect braid I did for her. We took photos of ourselves, funny, cute, angry, all we could think of.

"I'm going to post this one," I said, pointing to the one where I have both hands up in peace signs and am looking up at the ceiling, biting my lip. Marissa was laughing at something I had said before, and it looked like a magazine photo of two best friends having a great time, and that's what was happening. I logged onto Twitter to post, [ @BowADiamond: Me and @Marissle having the time of our life xx ]. In less than two minutes, I already had one hundred + likes. I also got many tweets asking me to follow, which was usual, but I didn't bother. But there was one tweet that caught my eye. [@NiallOfficial: @BowADiamond @Marissle Oh wow! Both looking as beautiful as always! Miss you two <3 ] I couldn't help but smile. To be completely honest, I missed Niall the most. We had bonded so much while he was here, and he was now like a brother to me. "Niall tweeted us," I told Marissa, and noticed her blush. Aw, my best friend had a crush on my other best friend. 

Since Marissa arrived at nine, we stayed up until it was midnight before crashing next to each other on my bed. In the morning, I woke up to the soft buzzing noise from my phone. I rolled over to answer it. "Hello?" I barely managed to say though a yawn. 

"Hello, Bow?" a familiar Irish voice I was missing so much asked. I gave a sleepy laugh to assure Niall it was me. "How are you? You sound sleepy, did I wake you?"

"Well, fine, just woke up, how are you?" I rubbed my eyes. I glanced over at Marissa. She was fast asleep like an angel next to me. I couldn't help but smile at her. "How was the flight back?"

"I'm good, and the flight was fine," Niall said. Then it got silent on both sides. "So...I miss you..." I swallowed, not sure what he meant. "B-Because you were like my sister! Don't worry I didn't mean it the other way... I know you and Harry... Anyways, we all miss you..."

"Niall..." I sighed. "I miss you guys too."

"So will you come visit us?"

"Wh-what?" I gasped. Marissa moved slightly, then sat up. She looked at me with a sleepy, questioning look. I held my finger up to her. "I miss you guys, yeah, but what made you think I would just hop on a plane and come see you guys?" Actually, that wasn't so difficult for me to do. Seemed like a good plan.

"W-Well, I...I'm sorry," Niall stuttered.

"No, I'll come," I said, with a laugh. I glanced at Marissa. "I think I'll bring Marissa with me, just for you Niall." Marissa's face turned bright red and she hid her face into the pillow as I laughed my head off, hanging up on Niall.

"Hey, let's go out shopping and grab coffee or something," I said, calming down. Marissa shyly looked up at me, but nodded. "Let's ready to shop till we drop!" I said hopping off my bed and running over to my bookshelf to turn on my stereo that was in the middle row. Marissa had lent me her One Direction CD's and for the past few days, they were all I listened to.

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