Ms. Fancy Pants

Bow is not your everyday, normal, average girl. Her father is the owner of a model agency who is pretty high up in status, bringing in good pay. Bow gets everything she wants, be it clothes, the latest gadgets, jewelry, anything she wants. You could say her life is perfect, but really it isn't. Bow's mother died giving birth to Bow so her father married some random lady years after. Ever since the day she gained a stepmother, Bow has always hated her life. She always had anger problems, and always had tantrums, but they got worse and she started hating everyone and almost everything. Bow now uses her father's status to her advantage, but is never happy with her life. But will that all change when a certain boy band becomes her father's new clients? What will happen when one of the boys walks into her life and turns her whole world around?

((More suitable for more mature people))


6. Ahead and Behind


I rolled out of my bed, stumbling onto the floor below. Groaning at the remembered events of the day before, I shuffled to my closet grabbing white clothing. As soon as I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair, I changed into the clothes I grabbed. Jeans snugly wrapped around my legs, my chest covered by a white flowy crop top that displayed my belly, and my feet were contained in white Vans. The laces were tied by my swift fingers. I found my white flower belly ring that had a diamond for the middle. I sat at my make-up table just to put my hair in a side braid that sat over my left shoulder. I was not allowed to wear make-up because they were just going to clean it off. But I didn't need it, I was beautiful.

I was running a little late, so there was no time for me to grab a bite to eat. I was worried though, I could always grab a cup of coffee at the agency. My body was so tired from the lack of sleep. Harry would not stop texting me last night, and I was too exhausted to move my arms to grab my phone and turn it off completely. "Dumb Harry," I muttered to myself as I walked out of my car. I locked it my car and walked into the agency. 

"Bow!" a familiar and annoying voice called out. My head turned sharply to the right. My eyes widened at the site of the boys sitting in chairs, looking like they were waiting. Harry was waving at me. The others lifted their heads up to see me, offering small smiles. Niall was eating a box of doughnuts. I almost drooled. "Would you like one of Niall's donuts?" Harry asked with a smirk on his face. Niall started laughing and everyone looked at him. He shoved a doughnut in his mouth.

"As great as that sounds, no thanks," I said. Call me a freak, I cared about my weight and I knew sweets were a no-no for me. I pointed towards the employees office. "I'm just going to grab a cup of coffee." I walked towards the employee lounge, opening the door to a loud call of my name. 

"Bow! It's so nice to see you again!" I was hugged by a male that was as tall as my father. Too tall. "How have you been? We all missed you like crazy!" he said. He was Chris Wanger. A receptionist and my dad's favorite assistant. Chris had short blond hair, a fully bleached kind of color like mine that was totally natural. His eyes were green like Harry's but didn't have a bright shine to them like Harry did.  He wasn't pale, but he wasn't tan either, it was a normal peachy color. He had perfect little freckles on each cheek. His smile was perfect. Fuck, he was perfect. And he was only 23. We would have made a perfect couple. Oh why weren't we a couple? He could be so annoying sometimes and kind of possessive. He was so much more annoying than Harry. 

"Oh hey Chris," I said, uncomfortable by his hug. I freed myself and walked passed the door, farther into the room. I walked over the table with all the goodies on it, grabbing a cup of coffee. I took a sip. I don't know what it was, but it tasted good. I gulped it all down and heard the door close. I turned to see Chris standing there, hungry eyes staring me down. "Chris..." I warned. He frowned then sighed. I felt a shiver run down my spine. Before he could say anything to me, I hastily walked out of the room, joining the boys in the waiting room. 

"Bow? Are you alright?" I heard a concerned voice ask. I noticed Liam staring at me, worried. I smiled and nodded, not wanting them to care. Harry eyed me suspiciously. 

"You didn't answer my texts last night," he said, squinting at me. He looked angry but his voice was playful. Niall started laughing again, almost choking on his last doughnut. We all started at him, but he didn't stop. His laugh was kind of cute. Niall was pretty cute. I started giggling. His laughing was contagious. Harry elbowed Niall and Niall stopped. I stopped. "So?"

"I said good night, I was going to sleep Harry," I said, crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm a human being, I sleep. Don't you?" He blushed, not flustered, but he knew he lost. I stuck my tongue out at him and Niall stifled a chuckle. I smiled and sat next to Niall. I could see him blush. I smiled wider. I knew Harry had found me a bit interesting, but I didn't know Niall might have. Maybe Harry would back off if I flirted with Niall. Maybe he would think I wasn't interested in him and I was interested in Niall. "Aw, Niall! You ate all the doughnuts? I kind of wanted one," I said, jutting my lower lip out a bit. He blushed a deep red, unable to speak. 

"Okay, we're ready for you," one of the stylists said to us. Just before we got up to go into the studio, I caught a glimpse of Harry. He wasn't looking at me but he looked jealous. I was winning. 

For the shoot, I was fitted into a cotton candy pink dress that was tight around the torso, and was strapless and sparkly. At the waist, it fluffed around my thighs, just to above my mid thigh, like cotton candy itself. I wore sparkly heels to match the dress. My hair was tied up into a really cute bun that could be considered as messy. They did my make up to look like a little princess. I felt so disgusted, but I also felt beautiful. 

The boys all wore matching white dress shirts and black pants with black bowties. They were all surrounding around me on a white love sofa. Niall was leaning over me, Zayn was on the floor, Louis was on the floor, Liam was on the floor, and Harry was behind the sofa. Then Harry and Niall switched places, but Harry was practically laying on top of me. "H-Harry, get off me," I tried to say firmly, but his "member" brushed against me. I looked into his eyes. He looked angry. 

"I don't care if you don't like me," Harry whispered, his face so stern. "But don't go messing around with one of my best mates. Understand?" I was terrified. He looked so scary. I nodded.

"Perfect!" the cameraman shouted.

I guess I wasn't winning, Harry was. I was losing.

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