How music affected my year

The highlights of my year- more then 1 thing for the competition


2. Band 2.

On the 23rd of July 2007, a band was formed. They were cute, funny and teenage boys ; in other words, completely lovable. Their name was

One Direction.

One Direction have changed my year by giving me so much music to listen to and just by being them. They have inspired so many people like me by writing songs like What Makes You Beautiful and Little Things which make us feel good about ourselves. They have given me that and also their music and song-writing has helped me write songs, too. They have also got the look; they are HAWT. Then of course there's all the photos to look at; photo shoot after photo shoot after photo shoot! And the concerts!

I have got all this merchandise from One Direction, which reminds me of my commitment to being a Directioner (One Direction fan name).

This is how One Direction, yet another new band, has changed my year, and my life.
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