How music affected my year

The highlights of my year- more then 1 thing for the competition


1. Band 1.

On the 10th of October, I met a band that changed my life. Daniel Molivas, Braden Daniel, Benjamin James, Jamie Ross and Ryan Spiller make up the band Masketta Fall from Western Victoria. The grunge-rock band have their strange band nicknames and looks which make them unique and them. Fans, like me, have got Moli (Daniel)'s 'horn hat' from Jay Jays and a Chicago Bulls singlet, which he wears to every gig.

Masketta Fall have the best music; you can tell what the instruments actually are, and their style is different. I like that about them; they have the best combination of instruments and people and they make up an amazing group.
They are inspiring and I have been to three of their gigs; the first one was when they were invited to play at my school, the second was at the Epic Youth Festival, and the third was at Spiller (Ryan) and Big Red (Ben)'s birthday party/ concert. I entered in the HALP video, where they entered people's photo's and put them together to make a video for the music video for the song Something Beautiful, but my photo wasn't entered.

I am not just a fan of Masketta Fall; I am a Masketeer. And all the other Masketeers like me would agree that Masketta Fall is amazing. They changed my year by introducing me to a new style of music, and how to be happy all the time like them. They are So Contagious (one of their first songs). They have drawn me towards not caring about everything as much and loosening up about everything.
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