1D Went to Brunch With My Mama!

This is a parody of 1D fan fiction. I don't know anything about the people in the band or their songs so sorry if i make up some of the stuff. Also it's not meant to be mean to anyone in the band since i never met them or anyone else. it's just that i make fun of everything, not just fans of 1D. I just get sick of seeing all your tweets/posts etc.


7. The Hotel- NYC

Just kidding we had to stay in Jersey city cause it's cheaper. Snooki! People Pumping ma gas! Chris Christi! So it was are first day of shooting and i had to room with them If you've seen the show you know the drill. The camera was on me and one of the people, Zane maybe. So time to fake some drama. So i slapped him in the face

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