1D Went to Brunch With My Mama!

This is a parody of 1D fan fiction. I don't know anything about the people in the band or their songs so sorry if i make up some of the stuff. Also it's not meant to be mean to anyone in the band since i never met them or anyone else. it's just that i make fun of everything, not just fans of 1D. I just get sick of seeing all your tweets/posts etc.


2. My Mom Leaves-Philly

My mom got on a train and one direction turned the corner. Everyone was screaming so i easily found them. They went in to The Reading Terminal Market. which is crowded all the time and soon it was mobbed with all these crazy girls screaming. I love all the food there btw. They ducked into one of the amish booths that i love to go to so i snuck in too. Turns out there all dating amish girls to stay outta the press. So i pretended to be amish. and followed them. They got into a buggy and rode a way. I followed them in my 2013 Rolls Royce. Everyone on the Schuylkill was pissed at me for wasting such a cool car on this speed. So I rolled over them at 130mph. 

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