1D Went to Brunch With My Mama!

This is a parody of 1D fan fiction. I don't know anything about the people in the band or their songs so sorry if i make up some of the stuff. Also it's not meant to be mean to anyone in the band since i never met them or anyone else. it's just that i make fun of everything, not just fans of 1D. I just get sick of seeing all your tweets/posts etc.


1. Green Eggs Cafe-Philly

I was sitting at the table going hard on my food. I was eating everything at that cafe. peanut butter stuffed french toast, red velvet pancakes, creme brûlée french toast, etc.. (This is a real place btw if you wanna look it up). Then my mama walked in. She was with One Direction. Harry Styles, guy with ugly hair, creepy guy (the one who looks mexican/is/maybe it's just me), and the other two. They sat at a table and ordered some soup. Really? it's 10am and there's all the said good food above to pick from. Then they left without paying. What!! Oh!! Insanity!! So i followed them.

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