Maybe It Wasn't Meant To Be.

Jennette and Harry have a secret relationship so the media or fans don't freak out. They keep having trouble in their relationship because of it. They break up after a while but they both still have strong feelings for each other. Will these two make up? (This is only two chapters long, okay?)


2. Meeting After Six Months..

                                                           Jennette's POV

"Hey, Jennette," my best friend, Kasey says. I look over at her and see her laying on my bed with a laptop on her lap. 

"What?" I ask, walking over to her and sitting on the edge of the bed. 

"Remember when you and Harry dated and you didn't tell anyone? And then all those crazy fangirls freaked out and shipped you guys?" she asked me, staring at her computer screen.

I sigh softly and look down. "Yeah. Why are you asking me this?"

"Look at this," she says before shoving her laptop in my face. I put it on my lap and look at the screen. The first thing I notice is that she was looking at Tumblr, of course. But when I scroll down a bit, I see a picture of me and Harry holding hands. I feel my eyes tear up but I rub my eyes so they won't fall out. I read the small caption on the bottom after rubbing my eyes. 

"I miss these two so much. I bet management was the reason for these two to stop 'hanging out'. These two were my OTP. I love Jarry. ;_; <3"

I giggle slightly reading this. People did 'ship' us. I scrolled down a bit more and saw 'GIFs' of me and Harry laughing, kissing (which are obviously fake since we never kissed in public), and just smiling at each other like we're totally in love. Some of the captions were the cutest things but some made me feel like I wish that I was with Harry again. 

"Look at the way Harry's looking at her! That's proof that the do love each other and are dating but management doesn't want them to be dating in public. Fuck you management. I love these two so much. <3"

I smile and wipe my eyes since I feel like I'm going to cry. "Why are you showing me this?" I ask her, stuttering a bit. 

"Because I know you still love Harry. I just wanted to show you that directioners do love you guys together. C'mon, go find Harry and talk to him again."

"How am I suppose to find pop-sensation Harry Styles?" I ask in a kind of sarcastic tone.

"We live in London, love. He lives here with the boys. Just head out to somewhere you know they'll go to," she suggests. "Now, I'm going to the restroom. I need to get ready for a party."

"What party?" I ask, confused. She never mentioned a party before. 

"Niall's birthday party," she says, her voice slow when she says the words. "You should come!"

"Why would I want to go to your boyfriend's stupid birthday party?"

"Are you being serious right now? Niall Horan is in One Direction, the same band that Harry's in," she says with a small smirk on her face. 

"Holy shit, why didn't you tell me Niall was in One Direction?" I shout at her, standing up and running towards the bathroom. 

"Because I thought you'd figure it out by yourself?" she tells me, or asks me, it sounds more like a question. 

"Well, I didn't," I say before picking up my lipstick. "Now, let's get ready."

                                                              Harry's POV

Niall keeps shoving me, trying to get me out of my bed but I just lay there. "Get up, man! I don't want you to miss my party."

"Why should I come? It's not like I have any reason to get up and have fun when I don't have her anymore," I sob into my pillow. I really miss Jennette, I didn't expect her to break up with me six months ago. I've been laying on this bed for those six months afterwards. I know, it's bad, but I can't get up without knowing that she's gone because I'll just fall down and cry. I don't want my fans seeing me like this.

"C'mon, man! I promise you it'll be awesome," I hear his phone go off. "Oh! Kasey says she's bringing her best friend. She tells me that you know her but won't tell me her name."

"I don't care. But, I'll go if it makes you happy," I say, sitting up from my bed. 

"Yay! We're going to have loads of fun, I promise."

                                                              Jennette's POV

We finally get to Niall's house and my heart is beating extra fast. What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he's still with Taylor? No, get that out of your mind. Think of good things. We both head to the front door at the same time but I have to knock. I knock on the door kind of hard. 

"You open it!" I hear Niall's Irish voice say from behind the door. There was a small silence afterwards. I was right about to knock again but the door swung open. I look up to the person in front of me and see those familiar curls that I once saw the day we broke up. 

"Harry?" I say, stuttering. 

"Jennette?" he says back, also stuttering. I can see the tears building up in his eyes.

"I.." I started but got cut off by Harry pulling me into a tight hug. I sigh softly and hug back just as tight. I feel so safe in his arms. I don't want to let go. 

"I missed you," he whispers in my ear. 

I smile slightly and bury my face in his neck. "I missed you too, love."

We finally pull apart just to look in each others eyes. "I know there's no music playing yet, but, do you want to dance with me?" he asks me, holding my hand. 

I feel a tingling sensation in my whole body when I feel his hand on mine. "I would love to."

We headed out to the middle of the living room. He placed his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I hear a familiar tune come on so I look over at Niall, who's near a boombox. "Just to make the mood better."

I smile at him then turn back to Harry. I lay my forehead on his. We start swaying to the music. "I still love you, Harold."

He smiles. "I still love you too, Jen."

I feel his lips press on mine softly so I instantly kiss back. I feel the sparks that I felt before when we had our first kiss one year ago. When we both pull away, Harry starts softly singing the same song in the background. 

"I wanna be last, yeah. Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first, yeah. Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you only knew. I wanna be last, yeah. Baby let me be your last..."

"Your last first kiss," he spoke the last part before pressing his lips back on mine. 

                                                                     The End. 


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