Maybe It Wasn't Meant To Be.

Jennette and Harry have a secret relationship so the media or fans don't freak out. They keep having trouble in their relationship because of it. They break up after a while but they both still have strong feelings for each other. Will these two make up? (This is only two chapters long, okay?)


1. Breaking Up Is Hard.

Jennette reached the front door of her current boyfriend's, Harry, flat. She took a deep breath before knocking loudly on the wooden door. "Harry, it's me. Open up!"

There was silence for a few minutes. Jennette crossed her arms. "Where is he?" she mumbles. Right when she was about to knock again, the door swung open quickly. A curly-haired boy with a white t-shirt and some pajama bottoms appeared in front of her. 

"What?" Harry says bitterly before rubbing his eyes. His eyes widened when he realized who was at the door. "Jennette? Oh my god, I'm sorry, I didn't notice it was you. I was taking a nap and my eyes haven't adjusted properly yet."

"Mhm," Jennette mumbles, barging into his flat. "So, where is she?"

Harry closes the door and turns to his girlfriend with a confused look. "Who are you talking about, ba-"

"Don't babe me!" Jennette shouts at him. "Where's that slut that everyone is saying you're dating?"

Harry rubs his eyes just like he did before. "What slut? I'm dating you, not who ever you're talking about, remember?" he tells her, walking towards her and putting his arm around her shoulders. 

"Get off me!" she yells, shrugging her shoulders to make his arm fall off. "I'm sick of not telling anyone that we're dating, Harold. Every single time I watch the news or TMZ, you're on it with some chick that we don't even know the name of. This time it's Taylor Swift? That's it, Harry. I'm done with your shit!"

Harry's eyes widened. "What are you saying?"

"I'm breaking up with you, Harry. That's what I'm saying," she tells him before running out of his flat. She can hear Harry running after her and shouting her name, telling her to come back, but she just keeps running, tears streaming down her face. Harry was her first love. But things sometimes don't work out as you want it to. Jennette thought Harry would love her for who she is, tell the world that she's his because he doesn't care of what the people think, but no, she was wrong. Harry had different plans. He didn't tell anyone about their relationship because he was afraid. He never said what he was afraid of. Losing her? Getting hate from the "fans"? She'll never understand it. Never.


To Be Continued...

(A/N; So, I'm making this little "two-shot" of a couple I made up. Harry Styles and Jennette Parker. Hope you guys like it. I'm making the next part next year, meaning tomorrow. c; Happy New Year's everyone! Hope 2013 is a great year for you. :D Peace out! c:

~TakeMeHomex ) 

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