It's Perfect

In all storys theres also something sad like a death or a break up or maybe something else. Molly a directioner tries to make the perfect story just like im doing but can it really be perfect? I mean is anything perfect?


2. My not so secret crush <3

I haven't had a lot of time to write my 'perfect' story but I'm working on it here's a few lines I've worked on :
I was so excited when I got one direction tickets got my birthday I cried ! My favourite was Niall ( the Irish one) and everyone knew about it! My dream was to become his wife!

Ok I admit it, that was a little bit desperate so I tried again:

I couldn't believe it , I was actually in the VIP section for 1 direction !! And after the show I was going to actually meet them , I had a back stage pass!

Then I scrapped that idea because I had to be realistic , like that would ever happen ! Then I was stumped it was really hard making the perfect story ! No wonder it hadn't been done before. So I wrote down things about me that might help in making my character.
Friends: Alex Campion, Louise Smith, Tomia and Caitlin ( I do have more I'm not a complete loner!)
Hobbies: YouTube, Quotev, Facebook, Twitter and collecting One Direction ( I have 19 at moment)
Crush: Niall Horan it wasn't that much of a secret! My friends Louise and Alex always gave me grief about it! That should probably be enough info for my perfect story self!
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