Never Judge

1D fan fiction


1. So Far My Life

My name is Jenna Malik and yes, my brother is Zayn Malik from One Direction. I am 17 years old and I have a twin sister named Jenette we look very much alike. The only difference is that she uses too much make up and I use no make up. To be honest, I am a kind, thoughtful person but my sister makes everyone believe I am rude to her. She even made the whole school against as if I am rude and evil. She makes up rumors that I punched her, hit her and make her cry. But, none of that is true. On other notes, I really like to sing and write and I love swimming but nobody cares since I am the 'evil' sisters who has no friends thanks to Jenette I don't even know why Jenette hates me so much I'm really smart and kind ,but the fact is I am self defenseless person makes it easier for Jenette to actually torture me. I don't fuss about it but sometimes she makes me want explode and punch right in the face till she fills the pain I am in. This summer mum and dad is having there own vacation so that leaves me with Jenette, Zayn, and his band mates and I this is going be a long summer. 

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