Lost what I wanted but found what I needed.

Edward leaves Bella. Jacob immediately steps in.But what if he was what she needed to let go and move on from Edward? What if everything had changed ? Could Edward handle that or would he love her enough to let her go?


1. Prologue

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and couldn't look away. They were so entrancing like she could hypnotise me at any second. She was laughing at something funny I had said but I had long forgotten it I was too busy listening to the sound of her laughter. It was like the nicest sounds combined into one like a bird singing when you wake in the morning or the wind chimes clanging on a breezy day.
I had kissed her before I even knew I had reached for her.When I pulled away I whispered "Do you love me?" She looked away and hesitated before answering, I knew what was on her mind even if I wasn't some freak mind reader. "Yes" she answered nervously.
I nodded "But what about him?" She immediately tensed like she knew who I was talking about.
" He used to be the one I wanted but then he left and I realised that you was what I needed and loved at the same time!" She told me smiling. She hen leaned in for another kiss and neither of us pulled away.
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