Lost what I wanted but found what I needed.

Edward leaves Bella. Jacob immediately steps in.But what if he was what she needed to let go and move on from Edward? What if everything had changed ? Could Edward handle that or would he love her enough to let her go?


2. Gone

Edwards Pov

It killed me to say this to her but I had to how else would she leave me alone and I was sure that this would hurt badly." I don't want you anymore." I whispered lightly, I stared at the ground scared she might see the lie through the pain that was shown in my eyes. But I needn't of worried she believed every word I had said.
"You don't want be?" She asked processing every word in her head. She looked on the edge of breaking point, of falling on the floor and staying there forever, not dead but as good as. I very nearly caved when I saw the hurt in her eyes. I did this because I didn't want to hurt her and yet I was hurting her right now. I could only manage one word after that " No!" She started crying the minute I said it , gently sobbing any other day I would comfort her but I couldn't, not today.
I asked her if she would keep a few promises for me, she just nodded her head I would of loved to see into that then! "And I promise that this is the last time you you will ever see me again!" . I kissed her lightly on the forehead turned around and ran. I heard her calling my name trying to get me back I carried on running. It was to late I was gone.
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