Unsuspected Love

Jeena Ramos has friends that are harcore directioners but whenever they start talking about One Direction she doesnt listen. She does love their music but she has never seen a picture of them so she doesnt know what they look like, but what happens when one day she bumps into 5 handsome guys that are One Direction but she doesnt even know it. People start falling in love, drama, heartbreak, oh and did i forget to mention Jeena is only thirteen years old!!!!


8. Chapter 8


Finally we landed in London it was beautiful here and cold. I put on my sweater and right when the opened the doors all you can hear were the sounds of girls screaming so loud I literally felt my ears pop. I covered my ears but was no use you can still hear them. I looked at the guys and they looked like they were thinking about something to do.

"Guys let's go why are you just standing there?" I said looking at them weirdly and still covering my ears 'God these girls can scream' I thought to myself.

"Jeena I don't think it's safe for you." Liam said.

"Come on guys please please we don't have much time to explore London please." I said giving the guys my best puppy dog face.

"Fine let's go just stay close to us ok Jeena." Harry said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"The puppy dog face always works boys." I said looking at the guys while smiling proudly. "Ok boys are we going or not?"

"Ok Jeena just remember stay close to us." Harry said.

"Ok come on, let's go let's go!" I said running out of the plane with the boys following me. I think that was a huge mistake because right when I at the bottom of the plane the girls stopped screaming and just stared at me like if they could kill me then Harry came next to me and all the guys followed him then that's when everything went bad. All the girls started screaming the meanest things at me.

"What are you doing with them they don't hang out with fat girls like you"

"You should go back to the zoo you fat hippo"

"I don't get how they can waste their time on some fat pig like you"

They wouldn't stop talking about my weight and I was actually a little on the fat side and people have always made fun of me because of that but it's worst having a bunch of girls scream it at you they just wouldn't stop telling me stuff I looked at the guys and they saw that I was about to cry and they were about to hug me but I ignored them and ran into the airport crying my eyes out. I went to the vending machines and bought a bag of chips, chocolate, and a water. Then I went and sat in a chair all by myself and waited for the boys to come still crying. While I was eating the bag of chips a piece fell on my lap so I looked down to pick it up and when I did I saw my legs I had pants but they were skinny jeans so you can see my legs and they look so fat after a while i started crying even more so i just got the chocolate, and chips, crumbled them up and got up to throw them in the trash.

When I finished throwing everything I went to the restroom and cleaned up my face. Then I got out and saw that the boys were still with the girls so I just went back and sat down and started crying again because I'm sure the guys think I'm a fat pig also they probably don't want to hang out with me anymore. While I was crying I felt a pair of arms around me start hugging me so I opened my eyes and saw it was Liam and all the other guys were behind him looking at me with sad looks on their faces.

"Jeena we are so sorry that we didn't say anything-" Liam started saying but I interrupted him.

"You don't need to say sorry it's the truth so why be sorry about it." I said not looking at any of them just looking at my stomach.

"None of that is true about you-" Harry tried talking but I interrupted him.

"Sorry that I keep interrupting you guys but can we just go I really don't want to talk about it I'm sorry." I said now looking at the guys and they looked so sad and it just got me even more sad seeing them like this because they are usually so happy and hyper.

"So where are you guys taking me." I said while smiling just so they can stop being sad and after they saw me smiling they smiled.

"Well love we are taking you to our Uncle Simon's house." Louis said.

"Oh for what? I thought we would go around London." I said while looking at the guys hopefully.

"We are but we wanted to show you something it's a surprise." Niall said while laughing.

Gosh I wonder what these guys are doing.








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