Unsuspected Love

Jeena Ramos has friends that are harcore directioners but whenever they start talking about One Direction she doesnt listen. She does love their music but she has never seen a picture of them so she doesnt know what they look like, but what happens when one day she bumps into 5 handsome guys that are One Direction but she doesnt even know it. People start falling in love, drama, heartbreak, oh and did i forget to mention Jeena is only thirteen years old!!!!


6. Chapter 6

I was still sitting down and the boys were in the seats around me trying to apologize about when Zayn yelled at me but I wasn't gonna answer them until they told me who they were and I was also getting a headache from all of them yelling at the same time.

"Guys!" I yelled not that loud but a little bit loud. "I know your sorry about Zayn yelling at me but it's ok honestly it was just a joke and you guys didn't know so it's ok, but you guys do want me to forgive you right?" All they did was nod their heads none of them speaking. "Then just tell me what was Ricky going to tell me it can't be so bad just tell me please." I said with my puppy dog face.

"Lads let's just tell her." Niall said then all the guys started yelling at each other about who would say it.

"Guys!" I said and they were quiet."How about we all count to 3 and you all say it together?" I said and they nodded their heads.

"Ok 1" We all said together.



"We're One Direction" They said all together and right when they said that I froze I told them so many things about my friends liking them. I was so embarrassed.

"Why didn't you guys just tell me when we first met?" I said in a sad tone and looking at them really sad.

They looked at each other with regret. "Love we were just afraid that you were a big fan of us and you would start screaming." Liam said.

"Well why didn't you tell me after I told you about my friends loving them and I didn't even know you guys why didn't you tell me after that?"

"We were just having so much fun with you Jeena and we thought if you knew you would start acting weird around us we just wanted to become your friends it's not everyday with us that we get to hang out with a girl as fun as you." Harry said.

"You guys are so lucky I'm forgiving you but if you guys want to be my friends the only rules I have is you have to be ready to have the best time of your lives with me, and no secrets. I said while looking at the boys and smiling. "So deal?" 

"Deal." All the guys said while shaking my hands and laughing.

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