Unsuspected Love

Jeena Ramos has friends that are harcore directioners but whenever they start talking about One Direction she doesnt listen. She does love their music but she has never seen a picture of them so she doesnt know what they look like, but what happens when one day she bumps into 5 handsome guys that are One Direction but she doesnt even know it. People start falling in love, drama, heartbreak, oh and did i forget to mention Jeena is only thirteen years old!!!!


5. Chapter 5

I was currently in the main room of my plane where the karaoke machine is. I left the room almost an hour ago and during that time I had took a shower and I'm dressed in navy blue jeans, a light blue with light pink sleeve button up shirt, my koala necklace and other necklace that says LOVE that I always wear (I'll explain the necklaces later) some bracelets, and my nave blue Totie Canvas Lace Up Boat Shoe.

When I had got out of the room Martin had told me that we were about 2 hours away from landing and I had went to tell the boys that so I'm guessing they were getting ready since they were taking long.

I was in my pink sofa in the theater room sitting down watching Cinderella, it has always been my favorite movie. It was in the part where Cinderella first meets the prince at the ball.

Then right in my favorite part where Cinderella and the prince are dancing and start singing, I got a video call from my best friend Brianna. I answered the call and saw she was in her room.

"Hey Jeena, omg I have been trying to call you and you don't answer I really need to talk to you ASAP." She sounded like it was something really important but I doubt it. I'm pretty sure it's going to be some news about those One Direction guys like always. Like not that I hate it but my friends talk about them so much.

"Brianna I'm pretty sure it's just something about One Direction right?" She nodded her head a little. "Ok and like always I'm gonna tell you why do I need to know if you never even want to show me what they look like?"

"Jeena like always I'm going to tell you what if one day you meet them then you won't even know it's them so them you will become friends with them." She said while looking into her closet looking for clothes.

"Ok fine I already know how this conversation is going to end." I said laughing a little in the end. "So just tell me what those guys did this time."

"Ok well there's alot I don't know where to start umm oh yea well they say that 'Cat Lover' has at least 12 girls in his hotel room every night.  'Leaf Clover' went to his brothers wedding yesterday and some fans crashed the wedding. 'Bad Boy' got a new tattoo on his shoulder. 'Clown Boy' also got tattoos, and really nothing about 'Goody Goody" She said. Ok well let me explain to you since my friends don't want me knowing what the boys look like I can't know their names either because they are afraid I will look them up on the internet. So we have code names. The code names have to do with things they like or how they are.







"Gosh they are really crazy guys." I said trying to sound interested.

"Jeena are you listening?" She said looking at me really annoyed.

"Yes I am." I really wasn't I was actually thinking about the guys and when they would ever come out of that room.

"Oh well I guess you also don't want to know what has happened in school?" She said and right when she said that I looked up. It's because I have a deal with my friends that they have to tell me everything that happens in school and I buy them the latest One Direction magazines, which I don't see.

"Tell me please."

"Ok well it's actually bad news and I don't know how to tell you this but I'm just gonna say it, Ricky is going out with Katya." You see Ricky is my best guy friend we just met this year in 8th grade and ever since I met him I have had a crush on him I don't really like him that much anymore only a little.

Before I can say anything she interupted me by saying in a happy voice. "But the good news is Ricky and Katya aren't a good couple she treats him badly I don't get why he is even with her, and also Ricky really misses you he is always talking about you."

I kinda felt happy when I heard that. "Ok well Brianna I have to go the plane is landing in like 25 minutes." I said and before she can say anything I ended the video call. I was about to lay down but I got another video call I looked at the huge screen and saw that it was Ricky, I was thinking of just ignoring the call but he is my friend and I had 20 minutes till landing. So I answered the call.

"Hey Ricky I can't talk for long my plane is landing in less than 20 minutes." I said thinking of excuses to leave.

"Oh well that's ok at least I get to talk to you for a little while. So Jeena where are you going this time that you couldn't take me?" It's because every time I go somewhere I always take a friend.

"Oh well I'm going to England but I didn't even want to come, well I did because who wouldn't want to leave and go to England, but I'm not coming for me there's these guys that are going and decided it was ok to use my plane for some reason I don't even know how they saw my plane." I said and right when I said the word guys Ricky's face looked mean and mad.

"How many guys Jeena?" He said but his voice sounded so mean I didn't even know if I was talking to Ricky anymore he was always so nice.

Before I could say anything all the guys came out from the back of the couch 'I wonder how long they have been there' I thought in my head.

"Actually there's 5 of us." Harry said looking mad just like all the other guys who also looked mad.

I looked at Ricky and he looked even more mad but then he looked confused and he would look at the guys then me then the guys again.

"Jeena what are you doing with these guys?" He said still mad.

"These are the guys that chose to ride my plane." I said looking at the boys and smiling but they were busy looking at Ricky with a death glare.

"No I know that but don't you know who these guys are?"

"Um Ricky I just met them today how am I gonna know them in just one day of meeting them?" I said getting even more confused.

"Jeena these are the guys from On--." He couldn't even finish what he was saying because someone ended the call.

I turned around and looked at the guys confused and mad.

"Ok why did you just end the call? And who are you guys that my friend recognized you and I didn't?" I said and the guys didn't answer they just looked at the ground.

"Jeena we have less than 10 minutes left so buckle up." Martin said through the speaker.

"You guys are going to tell me who you are or never talk to me ever again." I said and went to sit down.

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