Blood Brothers

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jun 2013
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Lets just get this straight... the boys(1D) are vampires. Everyone knows how werewolves and vampires don't like each other. Well when a girl named Samantha moves to town Niall falls madly in love. But only one thing is keeping them apart... she's a werewolf.
(The boys are brothers and not famous in this)
(Story has been moved to the fan fiction section) The story is not about all the boys. I just couldn't think of a good title.


14. The Battle Pt.2

Samantha POV

           I need Harry for my plan. He's the one who can see the future. He will show them what will happen if we go to battle. I called Harry and he agreed with me. But It will be hard because now his family is around him every second of the day. I told him to try to meet me in the park right before the battle. This is going to work. I know it will.


            I waited at the park for Harry. The girls were with me too. Of course they could'nt be in the battle but they were still by my side. "I cant wait! I am so nervous! This is'nt going to work, what was I thinking!" I said. "Hey. This is going to work. Trust me. He calmed me down with his singing. He was an AmaZAYN singer. (See what I did there. AmaZAYN.) "Thanks Harry. You're a good friend. Harry's phone rang and he picked it up. (L=Louis, H=Harry) L: Dude where are you. Mom is getting really furious. H: I'm here with Samantha. She had another plan and I have to help. L:Okay. But be careful. H: Okay. Harry hung up and the BIG BEN said 10:00 am. It was time to go. We walked until I saw my family. We caught up with them. "Who is the boy with the hood?" my dad asked. "Its Harry. He is going to help me with something." I replied. "Okay" he said back. We walked to an empty field. The boys family was standing there. Well I guess its time for my plan. "Would Samantha step forward " Mrs.Tomlinson said. I hid on the side in the back. Gladly no one saw me. Harry stepped forward with his face covered. He was face to face with Mr.Tomlinson  "Would you please show you face, Miss.Samantha?" he said. Harry uncovered his face and all the families gasped in shock. "Harry! How could you be on the dogs side!" Mrs.Tomlinson yelled. "If you just let me show you this, you could see this is not okay." Harry said calmly. "Okay. What do you want to show me?" she said. He held his hand out in front of her. She held it tightly, waiting to see his vision. (if you have not seen Breaking Dawn part 2, I suggest you watch it first. The next part is similar to the end. Not to similar though.)

                                                                                                    * No Ones POV*

             She was still holding his hand about a minute later. She saw beautiful happy things in the future, until she saw one thing that ruined it all. "I knew this was a waste of my time. Family. Attack!" Mrs.Tomlinson yelled. With that everyone was running at each other. The boys started hitting and kicking their own family and she suddenly changed into a werewolf. Ripping limbs off, attacking them till they were nothing but dust. About an hour later Samantha was charging at the one and only Mrs.Tomlinson, the leader. But things didn't go as she quite planned. Suddenly she saw a vampire shocking her dad. She went in his direction as fast as she could but it was to late, he was dead. She howled as loud as she could. Tears flowed from her werewolf eyes. Samantha ripped the vampire's head off. Niall ran up to her and said " It's going to be alright" Niall then quickly went up to Louis and said "Do I have permission to rip mom's head off?". Louis replied "She 1193 years old. She's seen enough in all those years." "I will take that as a yes!" Niall said before charging off. He ran back to Samantha who had just ripped of another head. "Samantha! Are you ready to rip off the leader's head?" he said. Since she could not talk at the moment, she nodded. Niall and Samantha charged at Mrs.Tomlinson. She was turned around when suddenly she felt a pair of hands holding her arms tight. She turned her head and saw Niall. "You're dead to me she said. "No. You're dead to me. Literally." Niall said back. She looked confused then turned her head back but the last thing Mrs.Tomlinson saw was werewolf teeth. With that, it was official. The war was over. The leader was dead.

Niall POV

              She removed her hand from Harry's and said "Well if that's how it is. Would the real Samantha and would Niall step to the front. We both appeared in front of mom and she said "I guess it's okay for you two to date. I was over reacting and I'm sorry". "Apology accepted."


                                                  * * * * * * * * * * *

 Samantha POV

                    "Wait just one second. I still haven't agreed." my mom said. "Um... ma'mm? I would just like to say I would take very good care of your daughter and I would never hurt her." Niall said. Mom looked at both of us for a minute or so and said "Okay. You kids have fun dating." Everyone cleared the field but me and Niall. We stared into each others eyes. Niall leaned in slowly and so did I. We shared a long passionate kiss. He pulled away and said "I love you." "I love you too." I replied and we walked off the field holding hands.



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