Blood Brothers

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jun 2013
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Lets just get this straight... the boys(1D) are vampires. Everyone knows how werewolves and vampires don't like each other. Well when a girl named Samantha moves to town Niall falls madly in love. But only one thing is keeping them apart... she's a werewolf.
(The boys are brothers and not famous in this)
(Story has been moved to the fan fiction section) The story is not about all the boys. I just couldn't think of a good title.


11. Friday

Samantha POV

            Its Friday and there's only 5 minutes of school left. I'm really excited and very scared about tonight. If the plan does'nt work, there could be war. And vampire and werewolf wars really don't end well.

'Rinnng' "Thats the bell. Have a nice weekend everyone!" Everyone zoomed into the hallway bumping, falling, getting smashed into lockers. On Friday, the hallway was the worst place to be. Luckly I made it out alive. When I got out, I saw Niall and the boys. I walked up to them and said "Get ready, pick the girls up, and be at my house at 7:00." They nodded and walked up to the girls and I guess told them to get ready for tonight. I ran to the parking lot and got in my car, zooming off into the distance. It was a 20 minute drive from school to my house. 45 minutes because I stopped at the mall for a new oufit. I got a sparkly purple dress with sparkly purple shoes. When I got home I saw my dad sitting on the couch. I got really excited and hugged him. He just got back from the navy. "Dad!" I said with excitment. "Hey my Samwich!" "I missed you so much dad." "I missed you too." After he said that my mom walked in. I told her to sit on the couch and said "Mom, dad? Can we have the neighbors over for dinner tonight?" "Sure sweetpea" mom said and walked off. Once she left I told dad about why the Tomlinson's were coming over. My dad just nodded. He wants to help because he wishes vampires and werewolves got along too. "If this does'nt work, will you be ready for another battle?" I asked. "I'll be ready." he said back.


Niall POV

          I was getting ready for tonight, and let me tell I am nervous. It was 5:00 so I went downstairs to watch some T.V. I stopped and looked at the pictures on the wall. I looked at the one when I got adopted by the Tomlinson's. I never really had a family. All I remember is being nearly blinded by a hospital light and hearing a long beep. Later on I found out what that beep ment. My mom was dead. She was a human and my dad was a vampire, but he left before I was born. About 6 months after I was born they stuck me in Yellow Moon orphanage. Thats where I met my brothers. We were never picked to go with anyone, until the Tomlinson's came to Yellow Moon. They knew that we were there. That might sound creepy but when a vampire is born, the news spreads fast for only vampires to hear of course. They picked us and took us home. Ever since then I've been living in this house where the people took care of me and raised me with manners. I was glad the Tomlinson's came for us. I was snapped out of my memories when Louis started talking. "Hey Niall, come on its 6:55." Was I really standing there for that long? Wow! I went outside and hopped in the car. By the time we got there it was 7:00. We knocked and the door opened. "Please come in." A women said politely. We sat at a table were there was a fancy dinner. About halfway through the meal, Samantha nodded her head at the girls, who nodded back. They looked at me and the boys. We all nodded. Its go time!

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