Blood Brothers

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  • Published: 1 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jun 2013
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Lets just get this straight... the boys(1D) are vampires. Everyone knows how werewolves and vampires don't like each other. Well when a girl named Samantha moves to town Niall falls madly in love. But only one thing is keeping them apart... she's a werewolf.
(The boys are brothers and not famous in this)
(Story has been moved to the fan fiction section) The story is not about all the boys. I just couldn't think of a good title.


15. Epilogue

Samantha POV (14 years later)

                     "Me and Niall are happily married and have 2 lovely adopted children named June, who is a girl, and August, who is a boy. They are both 8 years old and we love them very much. I'm 30 and Niall is "114" years old. We live in Ireland now because Niall found out he was born there but was very young when he went to England. So he wanted to see everything from where he was from. We visit the boys every 6 months and they are married to my best friends Charell, Claire, Amber, and Mia, who are now vampires. Everyone is happy with their lives."  "I know I'm happy with mine." Niall said. "Me too."




                                                                               THE END

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