White Horse


2. First Sight

Jake Turner is way out of your league. Get real. I told myself.

I was too old for the high school, famous guy crushes. I should be way over that by now. A sophisticated lawyer with a Stanford degree should be able to carry out a life away from the teenage fantasy. I've grown up, I need to let it go, but there was still a part of me that was telling me not to give up. Puh-leeze.

My alarm clock started to ring, but like everyday, I was already awake out of dreadful insomnia. Go 'not sleeping'. Immediately after hitting the stop button on the anger machine, my blackberry started to ring. Yay, that's just what a horribly tired girl needs right after a night of insomnia.

I picked up my phone and hit the green phone button, "Hello? Do you realize that it's 5:30 in the morning. I just got up and can't focus, make it quick." I snapped.

"Hey, it's just me," Bella answered, "I was going to the coffee shop and was wondering two things. What coffee would you like and can I tell you your schedule for today, or would you rather wait?"

"Um, I'll have the Italian Roast and tell me what's on my plate later, okay?" I replied.

"Sure thing, Alex. See you in the office." Bella hung up.

I swung my feet over the edge of the bed and rubbed my face between my hands. I slowly stretched up and stood up, putting my fuzzy Restoration Hardware slippers on that I couldn't possibly live without. I slowly made my way to the bathroom where I played around with my wavy brown hair until deciding that it was probably best I showered.

After showering, I wrapped my towel around me and wrung my hair out. I proceeded to choose my outfit for the day and ten minutes later I was downstairs with a cup of coffee and a magazine in hand. I turned on the TV to channel 7 which revealed something incredible...Jake Turner tickets. But, here's the catch. You had to answer all the questions right on a quiz about him. So, I called in.

"Hello? What's your name?" the woman on the other side of the line asked as I called in.

"Alex DeForenzzi." I replied.

"Okay, Alex, you're going to have to answer some questions about Jake. Ready?" she said.

"I'm ready, shoot." I said.

"First question, where is the first place Jake played?" she asked.

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