Run And Never Look Back. |Niall<3|

"No Niall. I'm sorry, I just can't."

"Why Jessica, why are you so afraid?"

"I'm afraid of falling. There. I said it."

"It's okay. I have wings."

~ ♥


4. The girlfriends ;<3

Louis- SarahG I really like your entry and in reality think you'd be perfect for BooBear ^~^

Harry- 1Directioner4Life- Gabbi, yours really made my day with 70 billlion likes but i liked yours. Though, it would help if you would write a little more about your character so I can try and figure out how to set her up with Harry.

Liam- Liam's-Girl.<3 I really like yours and it gave me an idea of something for the story (:

and yus. Jessica and your girl ( i need a name) will be best friends. (:

Zayn- 1DLove I really liked yours and could actually imagine your character and Zayn and ohmygosh the feels. ;sadnbhj okai. I really like how your charcacter and Zayn are both very similar (: The characters name is Deena right ? o:

The winners :D


if you didnt win, I'm truly sorry. I'll try to include you somewhere in this story (:

and the winners. I have a task for you. Can you guys think of a way for your characters to come in. How would you like them to be introduced. Random person on the street? Just give me a couple ideas pleasee (:

Congrats though ^.^


I am updating todayyy. I'm almost done writing (:

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