Run And Never Look Back. |Niall<3|

"No Niall. I'm sorry, I just can't."

"Why Jessica, why are you so afraid?"

"I'm afraid of falling. There. I said it."

"It's okay. I have wings."

~ ♥


1. The Beginning <3

"Jessica! Come back!" he yelled as I ran for my life. "Jessica, once I catch you, youre going to pay!"

I didnt care. I was running.

I had to escape sometime, why not now?

For seven long years, I have endured his torterous ways. His abuse.
All those sleepless night. They way he would sneak into my room.
I was only a little girl. Just a small child who thought her uncle was her superhero.
One who would protect her. Not hurt her.
But no. I was wrong.

"Jessica! I see you. I'm coming for you. Now that you've made me chase you, you better believe there's going to be hell to pay." He yelled loudly.
He was close to me. I could feel his prescense close to me.

I don't even know where I'm heading to. I just saw my chance and ran out the door.
Let me explain what happened.

*Earlier that night*

I heard the front door downstairs creak open slowly. Loud rumbles of laughter filled the room.
The floorboards began to creak as did the stairs. The sound of footsteps outside my door.
Please don't let him come in tonight. Not today. Please.

"Jess, I have some friends I'd like you to meet." He slurred as he walked into my room.
Great, now I have to deal with him and his hormonal pub friends ? Great..

"Coming," I whispered hoarsely as I got up from under my covers and trudged down the stairs after him,
knowing I would have to come down one way or another.

*After friends left*

"Now that theyre gone. You and I have some unfinished business from last night, missy." Uncle said smirking.
No. Please. I just thought today he would let me go.

"Just go throw those beer bottles away in the dumpster and we'll begin" he said with a smug smile.
I know what youre thinking. Why does he let you go outside knowing youre going to one day escape.
Well... Im kind of a big coward and would never do that. Except for today.
I did as I was told and collected all the glass bottles and brought them outside.
I saw the little gateway and saw that as the perfect escape.
1...2...3.. RUN.

*Back to present time*

And here we are now. Me running from him.
His voice was fading more and more every minute. Guess the alcohol was getting to him. Bastard.
I saw a telephone booth and looked to my pocket for change.
Guess today was my lucky day, because i found two quarters. Perfect.
I dialed the first number I could remember and waited for the ringing.

Ring... Ring...Ring... Come on.. Answer..

"Hello?" he said his voice sounding very tired.


( A/N; did you like it ? o;
Major apologies due to its shortness c;
i just thought of it todayy and thought i type it. c;
Well.. tell me what you think. Bye babies <3 *; )

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