Run And Never Look Back. |Niall<3|

"No Niall. I'm sorry, I just can't."

"Why Jessica, why are you so afraid?"

"I'm afraid of falling. There. I said it."

"It's okay. I have wings."

~ ♥


2. Help<3

"Liam?" I repeated once again, for there was no reply.

"Jessie?" said a now more awake Liam.

"Liam. Please. Please help me." I cried into the phone.

"Jessie? What's wrong? What happened? Are you okay?" he said quickly concern showing in hs voice.

"Liam, please help me. I'm scared and alone and I'm in danger." I sobbed into the phone now.

"Jessie, take a moment and breathe." he instructed calmly. I stopped crying for a second and did as I was told. "Ok,now explain to me what happened."

"Li, please just come and help me. I dont have time to explain much right now. He might come back for me." I pleaded into the phone.

"He? Who's he? Who hurt you ? Jessica Payne, tell me right now ! " Liam said anger agressing as he spoke.

I winced as his voice progressed with anger. "Liam, I dont have much time to explain. Please, he could be coming back any minute now. Just please, help me before he comes back and-" I said not finishing as I broke down into more tears.

"Jessie, I'd wish I could help. But, you've caught me at a wrong time. The boys and I are on tour at the moment." Liam sadly said.

"The boys?" I asked confusion showing in my voice as I spoke.

"Yes, havent you heard of One Direction before?" Liam said confusion now showing in his voice.

I laughed a little and said "Liam, this is the first time I've been out of anywhere far from my house. Which has been about four to five years."

"What? Jessie, I don't understand." a confused Liam asked.

"The person I'm running from. That's who has been torturing me and keeping me locked out from the outside. I thought the Jonas Brothers were still the new hot band?" I said laughing a bit at the end.

Liam chuckled and spoke up. "The Jonas Brothers stopped making music together a while ago. Maybe I could introduce you to them one day."

My face lit up. "Really? I would really love to-" I said stopping midsentence as I heard another voice.

"There you are you little slut. Now I'll show you what happens when good girls misbehave." said the one and only Uncle J.

(A/N; Sorry its short D; I just felt like updating (:
Hope you like it and just to clear things up, Uncle J is the guy she's running from.
I just gave him a name now :D
Feedback is encouraged.
Love you babies ;<3

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