Run And Never Look Back. |Niall<3|

"No Niall. I'm sorry, I just can't."

"Why Jessica, why are you so afraid?"

"I'm afraid of falling. There. I said it."

"It's okay. I have wings."

~ ♥


5. Going Back Home.<3

*Liam's P.O.V*

"Jessie?" I asked when I heard a low gruff voice coming from the other line.

"No! Someone help me! Please!" I heard Jessica scream.

"Jessica Payne. You pick up the phone this isnt funny!" I yelled getting more worried by the second.
Silence. "Jess?" And then came the long beep saying the call had ended.

"PAUL!" I yelled loudly getting really concerned now.

"What happened Liam? Is everything alright ?" Paul asked casually coming into the room sipping
a bit of tea from his mug.

"If everything was fine, do you think I would be screaming my head off ?" I said getting impatient and angrier by the second.
And really, you would never see this side of me. Its very rare.

"Calm down Liam, whats wrong?" he said raising an eyebrow still shocked about my sudden outburst. "You never act like this. Are you okay?"

"It doesnt matter if I'm okay. When and where is our next stop?" I asked now pacing trying to control myself.

"Well, since we just finished the concert in Doncaster yesterday we're on our way to the airport so you guys can have a free week off in L.A, like I promised you guys, remember?"

"STOP THE BUS!" I loudly yelled at the top of my lungs making everyone look at me like I was crazy.
The bus driver hit the brake making everyone lean forward and crash into each other giving me dirty looks.
i just ignored them and ran to my bunk to get my suitcase.

"Liam, whats wrong?" A concerned Niall asked me as I started dumping my clothes into my now messy suitcase.

"Can't talk. Too busy packing. Will explain later. " I said quickly trying not to slow down so I wouldnt lose anytime.

"Liam, speak to me" Niall tried again. Silence. "Alright, if youre going to be like that."

I rose an eyebrow in suspicion as Niall started to get his suitcase which was right on top of my bunk as we shared bunk beds.

"What are you doing?" i asked confused now.

"Well since youre not talking, I have come to the conclusion that I'm going with you to whatever place youre so hurried to get to, becuase you look worried and stressed, so I figuered you need a friend and youre my best friend so i'm not about to let you go by yourself." Niall said rather proud of himself for the big speech he jus made.

I gave him a gracious smile and we proceeded packing.

"Where are we going anyways?" Niall asked stepping out into the living part of the tour bus.

"Yeah, thats what we're wondering too." an angry Paul asked probaby still confused and mad about me yelling at the bus driver to stop earlier.

"Well guys, I'm going back to Wolverhampton."

(A/N; Well that was crap .-.
Sorry. My sincerest apologies for this chappy.
I will try and be a better writer.
I just felt like updating because I havent updated in about a week.
I'm going to update once a week now.
And I got this chapter idea from Sarah G(:
btw; i love the feedback I'm getting from you guys and I already picked the girls.
Alright thats it, bye babies ;* )

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