How I Met One Directon (part 1)

This story is about a teenage girl named Christina who is 15 years old and all she wanted for her sweet sixteen was to meet one direction. But one thing is that she moved with her older sister Ella to California,LA from New York, NY and they both just dont fit in AT ALL!!!!!! So they been going through all this trouble without their parents and re stressed out!!!!! But these two girls arent just New Yorkers they are directioners. The know ever song by heart from them and know almost every fact about them. Christina wants to meet them but she has no clue where to find them. So Christina and her older sister are gonna try to find where Hollywood is and want to meet them. Also there is one problem. 3 mean girls from her school go EVERDAY to Hollywood after school to get to meet one direction and rub it into everyone face at school that they saw them. And Christina hates those girls and when she said that she wanted to meet one direction to those girls they started to crack up.


1. Trying to fit in

One day Ella woke up early in the morning and trying to wake up her sister and Christina wouldn't wake up cuz she doesn't want to go to school cuz she has no friends and she just cant fit in. Christina woke up and started crying and was explaining to her sister why she was crying and she wants to move to New York with there parents. Then  Ella said "The reason the sent us to LA so they can go to a romantic vacation at New York for there anniversary and we have to also be here for a couple years to fit in." "Really?" Christina said and started to cry even harder. "OMG I didn't mean to make you cry harder" Ella said and she about to start crying. Then they both went walking to the school bus and Christina was wiping her tears and the school bus arrived. When the school bus arrived at school Christina was wandering around and looking at everyone and trying to make some friends. She was about to cry untill this one girl came up to her and said "Whats wrong" She explained that she didn't fit in and wants to make friends. And she said that she would love to be her friend and stared at her eyes and said "My name is Megan by the way" "My name is Christina" Christina said."Want to meet my friends too" Megan said "Sure why not" Christina said. "We all have nicknames, she is Liliana but e call her Lily, her name is Samantha but we call her Sam or Sammy, her name is Katherine but we call her Kathy, and  know my name Megan but they call me Meg, and we can call u Chrissy and bye the way she is Christina.






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