Pinkie Promises

Jenny is an 18 year old girl who was best friends with Niall Horan 5 years ago when they were thirteen. But her father dies, and her family has to move to the United States, and she has to leave Niall.
Years later she reunites with him, and him and another member of One Direction have a secret crush on her. But later she finds out she has a deadly illness that can kill her any minute. What is she going to do when the stress is just to much on her?



My friend had every chapter typed up, and then her computer crashed and she lost it all :(

She was so upset. She decided to just leave it and not write the sequel. :(

The sequel was supposed to be called Moving On.

It was about Niall moving on, but not completely. He falls in love again a couple years later and they get married. They have a baby girl, and his wife Andrea, decides to name her Jenny, because she knew how much Niall loved Jenny (Niall's past love). And then it was going to have Liam having a boy that was a year older than little Jenny, and them being friends.

Then them becoming best friends and inseparable. Eventually they fall for each other, but they don't tell each other until they are teenagers.

It was really really good, but her laptop just had to crash. :( I'm so so so sooooo sorry guys.. Please don't be mad! She felt horrible when it happened.


She almost burst into tears... Literally. :((

Published: 2-18-13 8:24 PM

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