Pinkie Promises

Jenny is an 18 year old girl who was best friends with Niall Horan 5 years ago when they were thirteen. But her father dies, and her family has to move to the United States, and she has to leave Niall.
Years later she reunites with him, and him and another member of One Direction have a secret crush on her. But later she finds out she has a deadly illness that can kill her any minute. What is she going to do when the stress is just to much on her?


9. Chapter 8

Niall’s Birthday

I finished curling my hair and stepped back to look at myself in the mirror. I guess it would have to do…I couldn’t do anything about my pale skin so that kinda killed it. I have been getting a little worse. I can’t hold up a camera anymore without my hands instantly shaking, and I’m getting paler. i look sick, but I’m covering it up as much as I can. Niall or Liam haven’t noticed, and that’s just how I want it.

I slipped on my heels and started down the stairs, meeting Niall at the bottom. He smiled instantly when he saw me and held out his hand. I took it and returned the smile.

“You look…amazing!” Niall said beaming. I blushed slightly and wrapped him in a hug.

“Happy Birthday Niall.” I said softly. He pulled away and we walked to his car. he opened the passenger door for me, and climbed in shortly after, and we were on our way to the party.

“Who’s coming?” Niall asked, turning a corner.

“The boys, your parents and your other friends!” I said, inspecting my makeup one last time.

“Is Liam?” he asked. I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Of course!” I saw his grip tighten on the wheel. “Niall. He’s one of your best friends.” I said sternly.

“I know…” he grumbled. “Just knowing him, if I try to hang out with him, if I try to hang out with you, he’ll stick to you like glue, just like he did when we were hanging out.”

“Niall, if he does, I’ll just tell him I’ll hang with him later. Okay?” Niall looked over at me and smiled a small smile. “And I’ll make sure he doesn’t eat too much of your cake…”

Niall laughed. “I don’t care. Just as long as I can hang with you, I don’t want cake.” I blushed and ran my fingers through my curls.

“Unless it’s vanilla…” he smirked. I smacked his arm and he burst out laughing. We finally pulled up to the party and we walked in, everyone cheering and wishing Niall a Happy Birthday. I went off to the side to hang with Eleanor and Perrie, and ordered myself a few drinks.

Soon, I felt like I was floating. I had a few too many I think…the beat of the music pounding in my ears as I downed another drink. I glanced over at Niall who dancing like a mad man. Okay, he definitely had more than me. I laughed at his drunken dance moves as he had a dance off with one of his close buddies.

After a while, Niall made his way over to me and smiled. “Hey Jenny!” he yelled over the ear shattering beat.

“Hey!” I yelled. I waved my drink in front of him and he pushed it away, laughing.

“No thanks. I’m more focused on something else.”

“What’s that?” I yelled.

“You!” I stopped and stared into his eyes. “Will you dance with this hunky birthday boy?” he slurred. I laughed and set my drink down. He led me to the middle of the floor and we started dancing.

My body swayed to the music and I was lost in happiness. Niall grabbed my hand and twirled me around. I laughed along with him as I stumbled into his arms, dizzy from the alcohol and twirling. Niall caught me and looked into my eyes. I wanted to kiss him so bad…but I wasn’t sure if it was a real feeling or just the alcohol.

Niall then started to lean in. I could smell his cologne and the faint hint of alcohol on his breath. His crystal blue eyes lighting up with the lights from the club. His hot sweet breath brushing against my cheeks as he leaned in. I lost all control as I leaned closer, his lips inches from mine…when I felt someone grinding against me.

It was Liam, drunk out of his mind. He had a beer in his hand as he looked into my eyes. Niall let go and glared at Liam, who had placed his hands dangerously low on my waist.

“LIAM!” Niall yelled over the music. “GET OFF OF HER!”

Liam stopped and glared at Niall. “Why? I’m just dancing with Jenny!”

“Well I was dancing with her first!” he said shoving him away.

“Niall, Liam stop. It’s fine. I’ll just go back to the bar. I don’t want any problems.” I said, resting a hand on Niall’s shoulder.

“Don’t fucking touch her.” Niall growled. The next thing I knew, Liam had connected his fist with Niall’s mouth, sending Niall on the ground.


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