Pinkie Promises

Jenny is an 18 year old girl who was best friends with Niall Horan 5 years ago when they were thirteen. But her father dies, and her family has to move to the United States, and she has to leave Niall.
Years later she reunites with him, and him and another member of One Direction have a secret crush on her. But later she finds out she has a deadly illness that can kill her any minute. What is she going to do when the stress is just to much on her?


8. Chapter 7


“I’d like to do an independent study.” I said after taking a deep breath. My administrator looked at me as if I had three heads.

“And what for exactly?” he questioned. The last thing I wanted to do was explain to the head of the college the reason I couldn’t attend classes but…I had no choice. It was getting worse.

“Because…because I’m sick. Very sick. I have a disease sir and…it’s affecting my studies.”

His old face softened and he rubbed his stubble on his chin, leaning forward in his chair. “What disease is that?”

“ALS. It affects my nerve functions. My hands, arms and legs shake making it very hard and painful. I could die from this…”

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, looking me in the eyes. “Normally…” he started. “I have all kinds of students coming in and giving me all these ridiculous requests to take an independant study. They all use the excuse that they are sick or too busy, when in fact, they just go off and waste away their youth drinking or whatever. So I normally don’t hand these out too often. I have never heard anyone use ALS before…” he said.

“This is not a joke sir.” I said sternly. “I’m telling the truth.”

“And I know you are.” he said. “I can see it in your eyes.” I felt a little relieved to hear him say that. He leaned forward in his chair.

“You know Jenny…I see greatness in you. I really do. Your teachers have shown me some of the work you have done and I must say, you are quite good. I would hate to see a talent like yours disappear so…I’ll let you take the independent study.”

I sighed with relief and sat back in my chair. “Thank you sir; so much.” I whispered. He smiled and stood up.

“Do your friends know you’re doing this?” he asked, putting a heavy hand on my shoulder as I stood with him.

“A few sir. My parents and best friend don’t know. I’m keeping this quiet so they don’t worry.” I said. he nodded.

“That’s a heavy burden you’re carrying.” he walked me to his door. “Please get well and take your time. And stop by. I want to know how you’re doing.”

I nodded. “I promise sir.” I said. he shook my hand and I walked out of that building, into the cool autumn air, a huge relief lifted from my shoulders.


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