Pinkie Promises

Jenny is an 18 year old girl who was best friends with Niall Horan 5 years ago when they were thirteen. But her father dies, and her family has to move to the United States, and she has to leave Niall.
Years later she reunites with him, and him and another member of One Direction have a secret crush on her. But later she finds out she has a deadly illness that can kill her any minute. What is she going to do when the stress is just to much on her?


12. chapter 11

“Hello Jenny.” my doctor said, shutting the door to the examination room. Niall squeezed my hand as we sat on the examination table together. “You gave us quite a fright yesterday.” the doctor continued, sitting down on a chair and looking at me sternly.

“Sorry about that…” I said. “Doctor…why did I just…stop breathing?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“Unfortunately, that is one of your symptoms in the later stage. As your disease gets worse, more symptoms will start to show. That was one of them.”

I felt Niall’s hand tense up. “What other symptoms are there?” Niall asked sternly.

“Well…difficulty breathing is one of them. Then she might have trouble swallowing so there is a risk of choking, and her overall breath intake will deteriorate.”

Niall ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. “And…there’s nothing you can do about it?”

“There are ways we can help it. Basically…save her breath. And when she get’s worse, god forbid, we’ll have to keep her in the hospital hooked up to a breathing tube.”

“We just have to make sure that never happens.” Niall said, rubbing my lower back. The doctor nodded and checked my lungs and breathing, then we were on our way out.

Niall helped me into the car and we sat there in silence for a moment. I could tell this was very hard on him, and I hated seeing him like this.

“Niall?” He snapped out of his trance and turned towards me.

“Yeah Jenny?”

“Just because I’m sick…doesn’t mean you have to be miserable with me.” He kinda gave me a weird look.

“I’m not miserable!” he protested.

“Niall. This morning, you were quiet and tense. You were the same way in the doctor’s office. Just please…be happy.” I said rubbing his hand.

He smiled a small smile. “For you, I’ll try Princess.” he said before kissing my forehead. He started the car and we headed to downtown London.

“We should probably tell the boys I’m alright.” I said. Niall nodded and pulled up in front of the recording studio, hurrying me into the building before any pap’s could come. We entered the elevator and made our way to the top floor, where four very quiet boys were sitting around.

“Hey guys!” I said happily. All their heads snapped up and the ran over, engulfing me in a huge group hug.

“Thank god you’re okay Jenny!”Liam said happily, placing a hand on my shoulder. I smiled and walked over with all the boys and sat down.

“But…are you sure you’re alright to be here?” Zayn asked.

“Yeah! I just have to take it easy.” I said setting my purse down on the floor. Niall sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. The boys and I talked for a moment, before they had to go off and record.

As they recorded, Niall would sneak little winks or blow kisses my way. I loved this side of Niall. My happy, funny and chill Niall. Not my tense, sad Niall. My only hope was that he could be happy. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time left. I can feel it. The shaking is worse and walking from the car to the elevator was hard. I didn’t tell Niall because I didn’t want him to worry. He has done enough worrying…

“Jenny?” Niall asks, sitting down beside me. He handed me a water and I took it. “You okay?”

“Yeah just…thinking.” I said, running my fingers through my hair. Niall played with a strand of my hair, letting it fall gently back onto my shoulder.

“What’s on your mind Princess?” he asks, running his fingers down my jawline.

“Nothing. Just thinking about the future.” I said leaning my head on his shoulder. He nodded and rubbed my arm, kissing the top of my head.

“You are going to beat this Jenny. You’re strong.” he whispered.

I wish I could agree with him. The problem is…I know my days are numbered. I’m just not going to tell Niall. I just want to spend as much time with him as I can…before the end.

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