Pinkie Promises

Jenny is an 18 year old girl who was best friends with Niall Horan 5 years ago when they were thirteen. But her father dies, and her family has to move to the United States, and she has to leave Niall.
Years later she reunites with him, and him and another member of One Direction have a secret crush on her. But later she finds out she has a deadly illness that can kill her any minute. What is she going to do when the stress is just to much on her?


2. Chapter 1

I finished packing the few last things in my suitcase and looked around my vacant room. I really would miss this place. Ever since I moved to America, it’s grown on me. Sure I was still, “different” because of my accent, but everyone accepted me and that’s all I could ask for. All my friends were going to college locally, but me? I’m going to college in London. It’s a little hard for my mum, letting me go, but she’ll be fine.
I sighed and picked up my last bag and made my way slowly down the stairs, my mum at the bottom with my step-father. I set my bag with the others, and my mum wrapped me in a hug.

“Promise me you’ll call us as soon as you land and are safe with Niall. PROMISE me!” she whispered, her small body shaking. I nodded and hugged her tighter to my body.
“I promise Mum.” I said, burying my face in the crook of her neck. Niall had agreed to meet me at the airport when I landed so I wouldn’t be alone. He was so excited when I told him I was coming to London for college, and to be honest, I was too! I haven’t seen Niall since we moved out of Ireland, and it’ll be really nice to finally see him again. I have missed him…so much.

My mum finally pulled away, tears in her eyes as she forced a smile. I hugged my step-father and he rubbed my back.
“Don’t go around kissing any hooligans now.” he smirked as I pulled away. My mum smacked his arm and rolled her eyes at him. I giggled and picked up my bags to carry them to the cab.

“Please make sure she get’s to the airport alright!” my mum said sternly to the taxi driver. My step-father took her hand.

“Mum, I’ll be fine.” I said smiling. I closed the door and waved to them, as the taxi driver drove away, towards the airport.



I was finally on the plane, bound for London, and I was so excited. Luckily, it was an early morning flight so not a lot of people were on the plane. I had finally calmed down…let’s just say, planes are not my most favorite things in the whole world. I have only been on a plane one other time…when we moved here the day after my fathers funeral.

Niall had come to the airport that day to see us off; he and his parents. I stood by him and just watched my mother fall apart. He nudged me with his elbow and smiled at me.

“Don’t worry Jenny. We’ll see each other again.” he had said, trying his best to smile. I bit my lip and looked at the ground, scuffing my shoes on the ground.

“But what if we don’t?” I mumbled. “What if…what if you forget about me or…something?” He wrapped me in a hug and held me tight.
“I won’t. I’ll text you everyday. We will see eachother again. I promise you that.” I nodded and we pulled away, even though I saw the hurt in his eyes. We were like brother and sister, we did everything together. He held my hand as my mother said her final goodbyes to Niall’s mother and father.

“I don’t want to leave Niall.” I whispered, stepping closer to him. He shook his head and inched me forward.

“I don’t want you to leave either. You’re like, my best friend, but, your mum needs you.” He said walking over to my mum. He gave her a hug and she took my hand. I smiled weakly at her as we walked to the terminal. I felt that lump in my throat return again as I looked back one final time at Niall. He waved weakly and bit his lip, trying to hide the tears building in his eyes. I didn’t look away from him until I couldn’t see his blue eyes anymore.

I shook my head at the memory and looked out the window at the rising sun, its orange beams and purple and pink clouds dancing across the sky. I was finally seeing my best friend soon, and I was more than ready.


I stood in the middle of the airport lobby, looking for Niall. I couldn’t see him through the swarm of people. It was nine in the morning, and he wasn’t here. Just fucking great. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my messages. Nothing. I sighed and found a seat, glancing around the airport, hoping to find a glance of him, somewhere…

I barely heard my name being called, until I saw a hysteric Niall, waving his arms like a fool and jumping up and down. I giggled and stood up, running at him. He held his arms out and caught me as I jumped into his embrace. He spun me around, making me laugh harder.

“I missed you so much!” he said softly into my ear. His breath tickled my cheek and sent shivers down my spine. I smiled to myself as he set me down.
“I missed you too!” I said smiling. He looked me up and down, a smile growing on his face. I gave him a weird look. “What?” I asked, I could feel my cheeks getting hot and I suddenly felt very shy…what?

“Nothing. You just look…really different. Definitely taller.” he said ruffling my hair. I laughed and pushed his hands away. “And you grew other places as well…” he said eying me again.

“NIALL!” I squealed running towards my abandoned luggage. He laughed and grabbed my hand.

“I’m just kidding love! But seriously, you look amazing!” he said smiling. “Here, I’ll help you.” he said grabbing one of my bags. We walked out to the parking lot, and I felt him slip his free hand into mine. That’s a little….weird.

“My car’s right over there…” he said pointing to a car in the distance. My eyes caught sight of his car and we made our way to it, my luggage in the back seats. Niall started the car and turned to me, a familiar gleam in his eye.

“So Jenny, how about we grab some coffee and catch up?” he asked smiling.

“I would love that.” I said leaning back in my seat. “I need some caffeine in my system.” I said with a chuckle. He started the car and eventually, we made it to the coffee shop. We ordered our drinks and sat down at a table.

“What are you going to college for?” Niall asked me before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Art.” I said with a smile. “I really love art.”

He looked surprised. “Really? Because all I remember you loving, is playing sports in the rain with your dad and I!” he said smiling and leaning forward in his seat.

“Well when I moved to America, I was really shy and lonely so I just…drew. And drew and drew, and I discovered I really liked it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. I shrugged and looked down into my coffee cup, slightly ashamed I didn’t tell him. “It’s not a big deal Jenny.” he said touching my hand. I looked up to his smiling face.

“I still see you as the little girl playing sports in your backyard with your dad and I.” he said softly.

“I miss my dad…” I mumbled, squeezing his hand. Niall nodded.

“Well I missed you.” he said getting a little closer. I blushed and he smiled weakly, the tips of his ears growing red as he looked away and sat back in his seat.

“So…back to your school.” he said after taking a sip of his coffee. “Are you staying on campus or…?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know right now. My plan was to get a job and try to pay for an apartment close by but…we’ll see what happens.” I said. Niall drummed his fingers on the table for a moment, then spoke up.

“How about you move into my flat with me?” he asked.

“I don’t know Niall. It’s a really nice offer but, I would feel like I’m invading your personal space.” I said blushing.

“Oh no! It’s really lonely in my flat, I would love having you around each day!” he said, the biggest smile on his face.

“I don’t know….” I said, shifting in my chair. Niall pouted and stuck out his bottom lip. I stifled a giggle at his expression.

“Please Jenny? I want to help. I haven’t seen you in YEARS and I want you to stay with me. You’re my best friend. Please?”

He looked like he really cared and wanted to help me. I couldn’t turn him down…I smiled at him and patted his hands.

“Alright Niall.” I said.

“YES!” he said grinning like crazy. He grabbed my hand and ran out of the coffee shop with me, making a break for our car…two blocks away.

“Niall! I’m in heels!” I squealed as he pulled me through the streets. He smirked at me.

“Well then I guess I’ll have to carry you!” he said lifting me onto his back. I held on for dear life as he ran through the streets. I laughed like crazy as he carries me all the way to our car. He’s such a good friend. We drove to his flat and he helped bring my luggage inside.

“Well…here it is! Home sweet home!” Niall said flopping on his couch. I laughed and sat down next to him, slipping off my heels.

“Those things look like torture devices.” he winced. “Jesus…how can you stand those?”

“I’m a girl Niall. I wear these a lot. I’d like to see you wear heels for a day.”

He smirked. “Another time.”

I held out my pinkie. “Promise?” he smiled and we shook pinkies. We sat back against the couch for a moment before Niall spoke up.

“Jenny…I want you to meet the boys sometime.”

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