Forever and always

Bella is Harry styles best friend, they met when they were baby's and have been by each other sides ever since. Bella doesn't exactly have a charmed life her parents died in car crash when she was two and she was forced to live with her evil aunt. Her aunt abused her and treated her horribly. After being with Bella 24/7 Harry noticed and told his mum. Anne took her in permanently when she was fifteen. What will happen when these best friends for literally ever realize that their feelings for each other run deeper then they thought?

Sorry if this isn't very good, it's my first one so no hate and tips or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks so much :)


4. I'm auditioning for the Xfactor

Bella's POV:
After the movie was finished we were silent for a while. I could tell Harry was deep in thought, I wondered what he was thinking. "Harry, what are you thinking?" i asked. Harry looked up at me and answered very hesitantly "I'm auditioning for the Xfactor". Then it hit me, Harry I going to leave! I know he is going to do well because he was so talented. Yes I do admit my thoughts are extremely disgustingly selfish but I am not strong enough to see him leave. He is the one that keeps me on this earth, the one that keeps me happy, the one that I am in love with, my best friend. I felt a tear escape my eye and I ran up to my room. I could hear Harry calling after me but I couldn't take it! I just couldn't!

Harry's POV:
I told her the news and now I wish I didn't. All she did was sit there wide eyed for five minutes while I waited for her to say something, she didn't. A tear ran down her cheek and right when I was about to wipe it away she hopped off the couch and ran upstairs to her room. I called out for as she ran but it was no use she still didn't want to talk. I don't know whether to go and talk to her or let her cool off for a bit. Ugh, these thoughts going around in my head were killing me. I want her to know how much I love and care for her! Then I made up mind. I can't wait! I need to talk to her now. I started to walk up the stairs.
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