Forever and always

Bella is Harry styles best friend, they met when they were baby's and have been by each other sides ever since. Bella doesn't exactly have a charmed life her parents died in car crash when she was two and she was forced to live with her evil aunt. Her aunt abused her and treated her horribly. After being with Bella 24/7 Harry noticed and told his mum. Anne took her in permanently when she was fifteen. What will happen when these best friends for literally ever realize that their feelings for each other run deeper then they thought?

Sorry if this isn't very good, it's my first one so no hate and tips or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks so much :)


5. Don't be sad, please?

Bella's POV:

I was crying into my lap when I heard a light tap on my door. "come in." Harry popped out from behind the door. "Babe, I know you are upset trust me I am too but I pinky promise that I will always be here for you." I lifted my head out from between my knees to notice that Harry had his pinky out to make the promise official. I wiped the tears from my eyes and wrapped my pinky finger around his while smiling. "See that's the smile I love" Harry informed me. "like this?" *smiles*, "yes! Exactly like that" he chuckled. I stood up and embraced my best friend. " you know Harry, Cole may be cute and all but to be honest you are WAY cuter" I admitted biting my lip. He blushed. "you know Bella, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on" I couldn't help it but blush, I probably look similar to a tomato.

Harry's POV:

Now is my chance! With out even thinking I pressed my lips to hers. At first she was shocked but then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed back passionately. It felt so natural like it was ment to be. In between kisses I whispered "I love you." she pulled away. "you love me?" she asked. "yes I do, with all my heart." she smiled and a tear went down her cheek "I love you too Haz." Thats all it took, I put my lips back on hers. To ruin the perfect moment I heard my mum coming up the stairs, we both pulled away from each other and acted natural like we were just talking or something. Then we heard a knock at the door. "come in" we said at the exact same time. "hey guys just letting you know that I am home from dinner with Becky" mum informed then exited the door. We both laughed, "that was a close one." " yeah it was" I agreed. I kissed her forehead "goodnight love" "goodnight" she cooed back. With a smile on my face I walked out the door and entered my room. I flopped onto my bed and thought to myself, did that just happen? Did I just kiss the one I loved most? My best friend? Everything felt so right and with that I fell asleep happier then ever.
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