Forever and always

Bella is Harry styles best friend, they met when they were baby's and have been by each other sides ever since. Bella doesn't exactly have a charmed life her parents died in car crash when she was two and she was forced to live with her evil aunt. Her aunt abused her and treated her horribly. After being with Bella 24/7 Harry noticed and told his mum. Anne took her in permanently when she was fifteen. What will happen when these best friends for literally ever realize that their feelings for each other run deeper then they thought?

Sorry if this isn't very good, it's my first one so no hate and tips or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks so much :)


13. Bells

Bella's POV:

I awoke to a sleeping Harry next to me on my hospital bed. His chest moving softly up and down from his long deep breathes. I love him so much and for him to not even leave the hospital never mind this room is unbelievable. I kissed his cheek lightly and watched his beautiful green emerald eyes open. "Good morning bells" he whispered in his sexy raspy voice. "Good morning" I smiled. "Someone is happy today" Harry stretched his arms out. "Because your here with me" I admitted biting lower lip. He smiled before kissing my exposed neck softly just the way I liked it. I quietly moaned when Harry started to suck on my sweet spot. "W-when c-can w-we get o-outta here" I managed to say from all the pleasure he was brining to me just from kissing my neck. "I'm not sure actually" he pulled away to look at me. " I will go tell the doctor your up" he said walking towards the door. After a few short minutes later he returned with the doctor. The doctor asked me a few simple questions and then ran some small tests. Everything was finally over with and the doctor said it was good to go, he handed Harry some prescriptions for my broken bones. "Wait a second how am I supposed to walk?" I chuckled staring at my foot. Harry pulled out a wheel chair and laughed at my reaction. He helped me down to my chair and wheeled me out of the hospital. He managed to get me in the car and we were on our way back home. We sat in the car in silence but not awkward, comforting silence. Not to long later we arrived home. Everything was back in place, Harry then picked me up bridal style and carried me off into the living room.

Harry's POV:

I stared into Bella's beautiful eyes that were looking back into mine. "Harry, I love you so much" she moaned while I was kissing her favorite spot to be kissed, her neck. I slowly pulled away, " I love you more then everything" I said before crashing my lips to hers. With her hand that had no broken fingers she used to comb through my curly hair. I wanted her, I really do but I can't. She is injured I told myself, but then I realized something, she hasn't eaten in a long time. I looked at her regular healthy thin body that looked even more thin then usual. "Babe, are you hungry?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Yea, a bit" she replied holding her non existent looking stomach. I kissed her cheek one last time before getting off the couch and heading to the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder while making Bella's favorite breakfast thing, pancakes. She sat in silence staring at the wall. "You ok love?" I laughed. "Yes!" She yelled playfully noticing that I was laughing at her. I turned around and started to hum. "Harry, sing! Please?" Bella asked. Bella loved to hear me sing, so I did. She Sang along knowing all of the word because I would always sing it to her to comfort her when we were little up until now. We both sat down and ate breakfast joking around and laughing as if this whole drama with her stupid horrible aunt had never happened. This girl is my life. Words can't even explain how much I really did love her, when I tell her I love her it never seems enough.
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