Forever and always

Bella is Harry styles best friend, they met when they were baby's and have been by each other sides ever since. Bella doesn't exactly have a charmed life her parents died in car crash when she was two and she was forced to live with her evil aunt. Her aunt abused her and treated her horribly. After being with Bella 24/7 Harry noticed and told his mum. Anne took her in permanently when she was fifteen. What will happen when these best friends for literally ever realize that their feelings for each other run deeper then they thought?

Sorry if this isn't very good, it's my first one so no hate and tips or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks so much :)


12. Babe?

Harry's POV:

It has been three days since my baby has been in the coma, I haven't left the hospital once in fear that she will wake up and I won't be there. I couldn't help but be depressed as I watched her all day long the life sucked out of her. Every day I prayed for her, I pray that she will be ok. I stared at her as her eyes started to flutter open. WAIT HER EYES ARE FLUTTERING OPEN?!?. "B-babe?" I whispered. "Mhmmmm?" Bella responded. "Babe your awake!" I quietly shouted out of excitement. "What? How long have I been sleeping? Where are we? What's going on? She questioned. "We have been in the hospital for three days because well...erm... Your aunt Lucy decided to attack you and she-" she cut me off. "And she put me in the hospital" she finished my sentence understanding now. "Basically, babe I missed you so much! I am so glad your ok!" I kissed her cheek. "Thank you so much for staying, I love you so much" she whispered. "I love you to the moon and back." I said holding her hands in mine. She smiled and squeezed my hands. She pushed herself over with her and patted the now open spot beside her. I shook my head to say no. Bella gave me her best puppy dog eyes. "Babe, you need your space." "No,no it's fine really! I need you babe. "Finnnnneee..." I caved in, I crawled into the spot next to her and her face quickly lit up. She's so cute. I kissed her lips softly. She smiled up at me and I knew I could no longer hold it in. "Bella, I love you, no love is an understatement of what I feel for you, you are literally my world and I couldn't see you like this in the hospital so lifeless so-" I was interrupted with her soft lips against mine. "Forever and always" baby she whispered in between kisses. I can even explain how much I love this girl, if she didn't wake I probably wouldn't be able to live anymore.
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