Forever and always

Bella is Harry styles best friend, they met when they were baby's and have been by each other sides ever since. Bella doesn't exactly have a charmed life her parents died in car crash when she was two and she was forced to live with her evil aunt. Her aunt abused her and treated her horribly. After being with Bella 24/7 Harry noticed and told his mum. Anne took her in permanently when she was fifteen. What will happen when these best friends for literally ever realize that their feelings for each other run deeper then they thought?

Sorry if this isn't very good, it's my first one so no hate and tips or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks so much :)


17. Arrival *caution very sexual content*

"Bells, Bells, Bella, baby wake up." I felt the my body being lightly shaken. My eyes fluttered open to the beautiful view, Harry. "We're here?" I smiled almost feeling energized from all the excitement that ran up mine spine. "Yea we're finally here" Harry smiled. We grabbed our carry-ons and exited the plane and also collecting our luggage.  Once we did all the airport stuff we could leave and go to our lovely resort. This vacation is really important to me, it will be my chance to spend as much time as possible with Harry before he leave to audition for the Xfactor. We walked out with our luggage to the outside of the Mexican airport and waited for our shuttle to take us to the resort. "It's so hot here!" Harry kissed my forehead. "Yea, it is really hot here." I agreed with Harry. I watched as he adjusted his shirt and brushed through his curls once. "When is the shuttle going to be here? I am so excited I can't even wait." I said helping Harry with his shirt that was bothering him. I heard his deep chuckle above me, I looked up the very smiley Harry. "I know bells I can't wait either, relax though babe" he kissed my lips slowly. "I love you, Bells" he whispered in my ear. "I love y-" the shuttle showed up and everyone was quickly loading in. When we entered the driver told us that there is lack of space, our two options were either to wait for the next shuttle that will be here in fifteen minutes or for me to sit on Harry's lap. We told the driver it was fine and we would be one taking this shuttle. Harry sat down and pat his lap. I giggled before sitting down, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me as close as possible. I cuddled into him pecking him on the cheek once or twice. "I love you Harry" I finished my sentence from earlier. He kissed my lips slowly and sweetly. 


the shuttle stopped in front of our resort we hopped out making sure to say thank you to the driver. When we walked into the lobby a few of the lady workers brought us drinks but all I could really do was look around in complete shock, this place was amazing. "You like?" Harry smirked. "I love!" I hugged him to show my appreciation. When I thought nothing could get better it did, our room is amazing, so beautiful. It has a beautiful viewing the ocean and the pool area. I flopped onto the king sized bed that Harry and I would be sharing. Harry flopped down next to me. "Wanna go to the pool bells?" He smiled. "Yes!" I said quickly standing up and going through my bag to get my bikini. 


After the pool we went to the fancy restaurant our resort provided. We took a long romantic walk on the beach on the way back to our hotel room. All of a sudden things began to be very heated. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Kissing hard, touching, and before you know it both of our clothes completely off and all over the floor.i dropped to my knees to pleasure him but he picked me up and put me on my back on the bed. "Tonight it's all about you" he whispered in my ear before kissing down my stomach all the way down to my wet vagina. He started to rub my clit brining pleasure already. Then sticking one finger in and then another. He then began to lick me out thrusting his tongue into me and deep. I breathed heavily, it was so pleasuring. Eating me out like crazy, I love it. "Har-Ha-Harry! I'm gonna cum baby..." I practically shouted. He gave me the okay and I did him licking all of my juices all up. After the foreplay and grabbed a shiny packet. I couldn't wait so I quickly slipped it onto him. Lied down on my back, him hovering over me placing his member in front of my entrance. "Harry, please!" I shouted. And just like that he slipped into me, first starting a little slow but then going super hard ok fast the way I liked it. Banging like crazy into me, balls deep. So much pleasure I could barely take it. I felt my high coming and his thrusts became sloppier and a tad slower, I knew he was ready. He was riding out his high and 

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