The story of my life

I, Melody Everspin am a Vampire, you think these are just some fantasy creatures but they aren't. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn malik are these horrible creatures too, We all live in a house together, I'm the fierce one and I'm dating Harry but we never show as much as affection as you humans do.


1. The beginning

-Melody's POV- I was out stalking for the night pray, When I got grabbed by something "Let go of me" I growled, I could smell werewolf "What are you doing  without your pack?" He asked turning me around to face him "Look Shawn, I need a night snack, so let go before it becomes you" I hissed at him, Shawn was the leader of the werewolf pack and I absolutely hate him "Fine, just get out of here" He said and ran away, I ran home and got there in no time "Got the prey?" Niall asked "No, Shawn stopped me" I said and sat down "What was Shawn doing on our property?" Liam asked "It's not our property anymore, Ever since Dean and the rest of them left us, It's everybody's" I said, We heard a howl not far away from here and we all ran out "Shawn" Louis pointed "Leave us alone!" Zayn yelled "Why should we?" He asked "I can break you easily Shawn" I said looking at him with rage, We all have a power or too, I have a power to break bones with one little hand signature and help restore nature, Harry can make lighting appear at any time he wants, Niall protects us, Zayn can send a message to one of the enemy's and bring them off guard "But I have my pack and all you have are some scrawny little pop stars" He said and walked a little bit closer, I put my hand up "Don't make me do it" I said, He walked back with his hands up "Sorry to have bothered you" He said and then made a run for it "I hate him so much" I said pushing past Louis and Zayn and into the house, You would think a vampires live in a dark house but we don't, We have many windows It's like Twilight but it isn't, We don't sparkle when we go into the sun, We are still human, we don't melt or  whatever "Calm down" Harry said grabbing my arm, I turned around "I got him! they're coming back!" Niall yelled "Who? Dean and the rest of the group?" I asked "Yea! they are coming back tomorrow" He said with excitement "I miss them so much!" I said and looked up at harry "I haven't seen your eyes glow like that in a long time" He said looking down at me, I have yellow eyes and they haven't shined in a long time, We spent the rest of the day watching T.V until someone walked in, I turned my head "Dean!" I screamed and jumped over the couch "Well, Well I see they didn't kick you out yet" He said and smiled, I hugged him "Melody!" I heard a scream behind him, I looked and there was my best friend "Jessica!" I said and hugged her, After everything settled in, Shawn came to visit with his cubs Isobel and Jacob "Dean nice to see you back, can I come in? thanks" he said and walked in with the cubs following him "Shawn, Please this isn't the time" I growled "Shush!" He said "Get out before I kill the kid" I hissed and put my hand up to about the same height as Isobel "Don't you touch her" He growled "Then get out" I hissed "I came to tell you about the new pack" He growled "We'll find out later" I hissed and put my  hand up to her neck again "Don't do this" Dean said from behind "I will do it! unless he leaves" I said and looked back to see Jessica up on the counter and her knees up to her chest "Go little ones" He said and pushed the kids out "I will choke you" I said "The new pack is fierce and want to join you" He said then scurried out the door, I looked around me and saw everyone frightened and wide eyed, I ran out "Shawn!" I called "What?" He said and turned around "I'm sorry" I said and then fell to the ground "What for?" He asked and sat down next to me "For threatening you and trying to kill little Isobel" I said looking down "Don't be, I knew you never had the courage to kill her" He said "Really?" I asked looking up at him "Yeah really" He said and stood up, I stood up and walked back "How could you Melody!?" Dean asked me "Kick me out if you want, I'll just go to the other group of vampires" I said "No, How could you not let me have some fun too!?" He said I knew it was sarcastic "Dean please, just tell me I'm out" I said and Harry's Eyes widened "What no! Dean she doesn't have to go right?" He asked "I'm sorry Harry, But Melody you swore not to threaten people" Dean said and then pointed to the door, I had no stuff to pack so I just walked out, I looked back and went over to Shawn's place, I knocked on the door and one of the teens got it "What are you doing here?" He asked "Where's Shawn?" I asked calm "Hey" Shawn walked out and slammed the door "I got kicked out" I said "Why?" He asked "For threatening you" I said "That's not fair" He said then ran off "Shawn!" I yelled and then ran after him, He was already talking to Dean "What do mean threatening my daughter! she isn't brave enough to actually kill her!" Shawn yelled "Shawn! Please don't" I said trying my hardest not to cry, Every vampire is behind Dean and was staring at me "Dean please let her back in, She did nothing" Shawn said, I put my hand up to Shawn's neck "I don't want to do this" I said and then he turned around "She's in" Harry Smiled, I put my hand down and looked a Dean "I guess so" He said and walked away, I almost burst out crying until I just ran away, That place reminded me of my parents and how they got kicked out and had to fight Shawn's parents to get back in, Jessica came up to me "Why? Why did you go to Shawn!?" She screamed "Because you were all on Dean's team! Shawn was the only one I could talk to!" I screamed, crying "You could have went to your Canadian tribe!" She screamed "They're all dead, that's why I came here" I hissed and wiped away the last tear "Me-" I cut her off "I don't want to hear it" I said and ran back to the house, I walked in and sat down, They were all eating fresh kill "Are you eating?" Dean asked "No" I said, shot him a look and then walked into my room, My parents got killed with the rest of the Canadian vampires and I was the only one left, I sat down and looked at the only picture I have of my parents "I'm sorry" I heard someone say, I looked up and saw Harry standing in front of me "It's not your fault" I said "Jessica's crying" He said and sat down next to me, We both walked downstairs slowly "Why are you crying?" I asked feeling the rage bubble up again, she just kept crying "It's not like you were getting hit by all the other vampires just because you were different!" I screamed "Melody calm down" Dean said "No! I had enough! I'm not just that vampire that had to get adopted! I was almost killed! You don't know how that feels like because you were all born in this group! I wasn't and just because of that doesn't mean I'm weaker than all of you, That means I have different powers " I screamed "I have feelings too! You think that I will never be the leader of anything, Ask Niall, He says I was the leader when you decided to ditch us" I yelled "Melody Shut up! I wish you would've died with your parents!" Jessica growled "Fine, you can kiss our friendship goodbye" I hissed and walked upstairs "Melody, I didn't mean it" She said as I walked upstairs. I fell onto my bed and then BOOM! I was gone.

-Jessica's POV- the whole world changed "Dean? Have you seen Melody?" I asked after looking in her room "Who's Melody?" He asked "Oh um, Monica was looking for you" He said and pointed to a girl sitting on the couch "Have you seen this history show about the Canadian vampires? turns out there was a baby that died with them, They say her name is Melody" The strange vampire said 'Melody! my wish, Oh no!' I thought to myself "Jess are you okay?" She asked "I'm fine, Where's Harry?" I asked "Uh I think he's out there" She said and pointed to the door, I ran out "Harry!" I screamed "Have you seen Melody?" He asked "No! that's the thing, Some vampire made the wish come true" I said and looked down "Why did you even say that?" Niall asked "I was mad at her" I said.

-Melody's POV- I was in a white room, I tried to figure out who the vampire was -Flashback- "Melody Shut up! I wish you would've died with your parents!" Jessica growled -End of Flashback- "It was Dean!" When I looked closely I saw dean waving around hiss hand like he was making a wish come true, A window appeared and a person "Where am I!? Who are you!?" I screamed "Look out the window and you will see how to climb out of your dreams" She said and pointed to the window, I looked out the window and saw a ladder "What? Please just let me go! I'll pay anything!" I said dropping to my knees and begging, Then it was dark but looked like the forest I got lost in trying to find my prey, I ran back to where the camp was and opened the door "Hey everybody!" I said and walked in, none of them payed attention to me "She needs to send us a note" I heard Jessica say 'A note! perfect!' I thought, I walked outside and with one movement of my hand I can make a note appear on a leaf, I picked up the note and walked back to the camp, I put the note in front of Jessica "Look! a note, It says 'Dean made your wish, Go to him and tell him about me -Melody'" She read it "Dean!" "Yup" "I had a best friend, Her name was Melody, She died with her parents by mistake, She was supposed to be here right now, but because of you she's gone" She explained "But, How can she be your best friend if that Melody girl died s a baby?" He asked "Long story, But  if you can make my wish come true, it will be a lot shorter" She smiled "Okay what's your wish?" He asked "I wish It was back to when me and Melody were fighting" She said and closed her eyes, In a flash we were back to crying and yelling, It was at the time where I was sitting on my bed, I ran downstairs "Where's Jessica?" I asked "Out there" Zayn pointed, I ran out and saw Jessica standing there looking up at the sky "Jessica!" I ran and hugged her "Oh my gosh Melody! you're alive" She smiled and pulled me into another hug "That was weird" I said and We walked back "So I guess, Our friendship is back?" She asked "Yeah, I guess so" I said and hugged her.

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