The story of my life

I, Melody Everspin am a Vampire, you think these are just some fantasy creatures but they aren't. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn malik are these horrible creatures too, We all live in a house together, I'm the fierce one and I'm dating Harry but we never show as much as affection as you humans do.


2. Mortals...

-Melody's POV- The next morning I left, alone and found someone or thing that I never knew about, A mortal "Hello, I'm new here" He said to me "Leave now" I said and looked down "But i just came here" He said " Go now! or be killed" I hissed "Y-Your teeth, they remind me of a mystical creature" He said and pointed "I'm not what you think I am, Leave now!" I yelled and put my hand up "What are you doing?" He asked backing up, I flipped my hand, and he collapsed "I thought I told you to leave" I said, I picked up the body and went back to the camp, I dropped the body onto the ground in the doorway "What did you do?" Dean asked "He kept talking, about mystical creatures" I said and walked away, back outside, I found not a mortal, but another vampire, This one was a child "Hi, What's your name?" I asked walking up to the little girl "I'm Faith" She said walking a little bit closer to me "I'm Melody, Is your mom in that camp?" I asked and pointed back "No, We got kicked out" She said, She pulled out her hand to mine and grabbed on "What's wrong?" I asked looking at her confused "Him" She pointed, Shawn was coming "Where's your mom?" I asked looking back at her, She pointed back into the woods and ran off, I followed her and Shawn followed me "We need to leave, now" I said and picked up Faith, Her mom nodded and took off, she went farther into the woods and I ran back to the camp, I kicked open the door and rolled over the body from before, I put her down and slammed the door "Who is this?" Jessica asked smiling at Faith "That's Faith, She lives in the woods and they got kicked out" I said and right when I said kicked out, Dean came running in "Did the mother have fiery red hair?" He asked looking at the little girl "She did, Do you know her?" I asked "Yes, Before she got kicked out we got married and had her, But they got kicked out soon after she was born" He frowned "Can we let them back in?" I asked "Unfortunately not" He said and looked me in the eyes "Why?" "It would upset the elders" "But they live in the woods!" I screamed "So let them be!" He yelled angrily at me "They have no home, no food, no nothing" I said walking out with the little girl in front of me "Go home and come back tomorrow, I will be here" I said, she nodded and ran off, I walked back into the house "Dad please! Let them come back! i need to see my mother" I heard an unfamiliar voice say "they will not be coming back Victoria!" He screamed "Uh, Dean?" I asked walking around the corner "Melody meet my daughter Victoria" He said with a smile "Hi" I smiled "Whatever" She said and rolled her eyes "um I'm sorry I thought I said Hi not Get out of my fucking face bitch" "Yeah okay, I don't care about what you say and now get out of my face please" She said "Fine and don't come crawling back to me, the most amazing fighter, if you experience Shawn" I said "Don't make me" She said getting ready to attack "No, I think you mean don't make ME" I said and pulled my hand up "Victoria! Melody! Stop it" Dean yelled and pulled away his daughter.

A/N- Hey! should I continue? Thanks for reading

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