The next chapter of our Lives

Ariana and Louis are now married with One kid and soon one more. What has happened ? Did more problems start ? Does Ariana get more hate ? so many questions and such Little time :) Read to found out in " The next chapter of our loves "
(Im sorry the thingy sucks i didnt know what to write )

(Sequel to childhood bestfriend )


2. Under the lights tonight

Ariana's Pov

I arrived at the woods. I know its kinda creepy to arrive at the woods but once you get past the creepy Trees  and stuff, theres a clearing. I walk past the tree making sure i dont trip and finally arrive at the clearing. I look around and see the forest trees covered in lights and these floating light balls (Just like the balls in LWWY) and i see Louis trying to teach Aidan football. The heads turn to me and smile. I see Louis whisper something in Aidans ear then i see him nod like he approved. I tilt my head slightly as if i was confused. Then i see Little Aidan running toward me. I kneel down on my knees and hold my arms out so he could hug me. Aidan crashes into me and hugs me. I snuggle into him While Aidan bury's his head into my neck, Just like Niall taught him. Aidan releases and holds my hand and gives me a reassuring smile. I stand up and Look at Louis Who's smiling at me. I give him a smirk and say " What are you thinking about Mr. Tomlinson ?". Louis bits his lower lip and starts making his way over to me " Oh nothing Mrs. Tomlinson, just thinking i have the most amazing wife in the Entire world ".  I giggle and say " Better believe it Mr.Tomlinson, Cause im the only girl who deals with your childishness. " When Louis reaches me he kisses me. But stop when Aidan says " Ewh Daddy, Girls have coodies". I roll my eyes and pick Aidan up. i peck his forehead and Aidan laughs. We walk over to the picnic table and sit down. We begin eating our pasta. When we finish I look up at the two boys. I shake my head and laugh at how They both have sauce all over the place. I pull my iphone out and said " SMILE !" they both give me a huge smile showing there teeth and crinkling there nose. I snap the picture and posts it Twitter @ Louis_Tomlinson My two little boys ;) <3. I grab a napkin and wipe there faces. Aidan jumps down from the table and runs to pick the soccer ball. Me and Louis also get up to play. We continue kicking the ball around but stop once Aidan falls asleep. Louis picks him up and sways him side to side to calm him. I walk along side with Louis until he specks. " Is the baby a girl or boy" I smile and said "Girl." Louis's smile grows bigger and says " Now Aidan can beat up the boys who hurt her " I smile and said " Yeah ". Once we reach the cars i notice only my car. I turn to Louis and said " How did you get here ?" Louis smiles and says " Harry dropped us off" I nod and carefully take Aidan from Louis to put him in his car seat. Once i put him in i carefully and quietly shut the door. I hop into the front seat and buckle myself down. Louis does the same and starts the car. We back out and speed off. Its silent for a moment then i speck. " Why did you run off when i told everyone the news ?"  Louis sighs and says " I want to be the first person to know your pregnant, Not know when everyone else knows" I nod but said " I just found out today babe and i wanted it to be a surprise ". There's a bit of silence then Louis specks " Any names ? "  I think and said " Carly, Destiny, or daviane (Pronounced davi-ann ) " I notice Louis nod and say" i like the name destiny and daviane " We pull into the driveway and the car stops. I open the door and carry Aidan in. I walk up the stairs and carry him inside his room. I change him inside his new toy story pj's thanks to Liam and tuck him inside his toy story bed thanks to Niall. I kiss his forehead and brush his brown hair behind his ear. I get up and turn off the light. I walk into my changing room and change into some PINK sweats and a black tanktop. I let my hair down and brush it. I wipe my makeup off and wash my face. I pat my face dry and walk down stairs to meet Louis. When i get down Louis sitting in front of the t.v with two cups of tea and a d.v.d of " The last song. " I jump onto the couch and take Louis's hand. then we turn to face each other then make silly faces at each other. I cross my eyes and stick my tongue out while Louis pulls his eye socket down and twists his tongue. We laugh then we start the movie.  Halfway though the movie when She starts to play the piano i fall asleep on Louis's shoulder. 

Authors Note 
Soo i need a co-author cause i can hardly update and stuff. the second news is i need you guys to pick the name for the baby girl its either " Carly Rose Tomlinson, Destiny Jade Tomlinson, or Daviane Hayley Tomlinson. so please let me know ! im open to comments (:



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