The next chapter of our Lives

Ariana and Louis are now married with One kid and soon one more. What has happened ? Did more problems start ? Does Ariana get more hate ? so many questions and such Little time :) Read to found out in " The next chapter of our loves "
(Im sorry the thingy sucks i didnt know what to write )

(Sequel to childhood bestfriend )


3. The address

Ariana's Pov

I wake up to the sound of shuffling feet. I open my eyes just a crack and see little Aidan by my bed starring at me. "mummy ? I hungry " Aidan says shaking me up. I get up midway and pick Aidan up by the waist and pull him in bed with me. I cuddle with him and whisper " Sing me a song babe ?" Aidan smiled and said "truwley mawdely  dweeply i am foolishleee comeepleete lee falling " I smile and said "who's song is that baby" ?" Aidan smiles and says " You mummy ! its your song ! " I nod and get up. "Aidan ill go make your food but wake daddy up okay ?" i say walking out the door. "Okay !, daddy daddy daddy wake up !! " Says Aidan screaming the last part. I laugh and walk down the carpeted stairs and into the kitchen. I look in the cabinets and pull out some rice crispy's and a bowl. I set the objects onto the table and pull out the milk from the fridge and the spoon from the drawer. I set it all on the table and make a few pancakes. When i finished i placed it on two plates and i dropped some toast in the toaster. When i finish i hear laughing and screaming. I shake my head and mumble " Lou and Aidan are racing again... " When suddenly i hear boom, boom,boom then " OWWHH ! " i jump up and jog to the noise.I rub the temples of my head seeing Louis on the bottom step on the floor and Aidan jumping up and down saying " Do it again do it Again !! I shake my head and said " I told you guys to stop racing each other, and when you guys do Louis your always the one who falls " A few giggles escape the boys mouths as they pass me and go into the kitchen to eat. I follow grab my toast and quickly eat it. i run up the stairs and into the bathroom. I jump into the shower and let the warm water drop and slide off my body. I wash my hair and my body then turn the water off. I reach for my towel and wrap it around me. I walk out and turn the lights off and into my changing room. I open my sweats drawer and pull out some grey sweats that reach my knee. I Look through the hangers and pull off my white sweater with a blue anchor in the middle. I pull on some socks and my brown uggs. I walk over to my jewelry and pick up my blue " Believe" Neckless and My wedding ring. I dry my hair off and brush it. " Aidan ! time to get ready for day care !" I yelled from my room. "Yes mummy ! " I walk into Aidan's room and open his drawers to pull out a plaid button up shirt, tan pants and his black jacket. I turn around to see Louis with Aidan in his arms. I chuckle at how Louis took him a quick shower already. I grab Aidans Clothes from the bed and hand it to Louis. He gladly takes it and gives me a cheeky smile. I roll my eyes and walk out the room closing the door. I head down the stairs to grab my purse and phone. I sit down and look through my purse looking for my wallet. A piece of paper slips out. I lean down to pick it up and read it. turns out its a address it also says " Ask for Rylan ". I think back and cant remember anything. Just then Aidan and Louis come down. " Hey sweetie im gonna take Aidan to day care okay ?" I nod and say " Uh yeah i have to go somewhere anyway" Louis nods and i bend down to Aidan. " Be good okay ? and ill pick you up later okay ?" Aidan nods his head and smiles " I love you mummy ! " he says hugging me. I hug back and said " I love you too babe " Aidan runs out the door and into Lou's car. I turn to face Louis and kiss him But stop when aidan says "Hurry up dad !" I laugh and hug Louis one more time. We both let go and i head inside my car while Louis goes in his. I back out first while Louis follows and we both go our separate ways. I clench the note in my fist and try my hardest to remember what this was about. Then it comes to me.. The day i left California.. My mum gave me this note and some money. But the big question rang in my head.. Who's Ryan ? I take the last turn and arrive at the house. I tuck my phone in my back pocket and hold the note, i grab my purse and head out into the driveway. I walk to the door and hesitantly knock. I wait a few seconds and a woman maybe in her early 50's or so. I smile and hold the note out and read it. " Uh hi im Ariana Tomlinson and im looking for someone named... Ryan ? " I said giving her a hopeful look. She nods and says " Wait did your name used to be Ariana Manuel ? " She said putting emphasis on the Manuel part. I nod and she puts her hands to her mouth. " Ah, she said you were coming soon " she said and invited me in. I walked in the cookie smelling house and stood there awkwardly. "Rylan !" she said hollering toward the stairs . Soon i hear foot steps and a man in his 30's or so came down. The old lady guided us to the couch were i sat down at one end while they sat on the other. Well Rylan.. I have some news for both of you she said having a worried look on her face. Well Ariana how old are you now ? said the lady. Im 22 i said rubbing my hands together. Ah yes, well when you were one and Rylan here was five. Ryan had to move in with us because your mom thought she couldn't take care of you both.  So im your grandmother and Ryan's your brother. she said patting me and His back. I don't move i don't even bother to.... I have a brother? and i didn't even know ? 

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