Little Dreamer (Harry Styles Love Story)

Kaelyn Sandoval moves to London, she moved in with her best friend Eleanor, Will she fall in love with one of the 1D boys? Will she trust Harry?


1. Introducing Character

Hello my name is Kaelyn Sandoval , I popped out of my mums tummy April 1, 1994 . Yes i know i know, April fools. I was born in London England, i moved to Colorado when i was 14, i was sad because i was leaving my best friend Eleanor Cadler , i miss her to death, we were like sisters we did everything together! Now that i am 18 i made the choice to move back to London, i am moving in with Eleanor and her boyfriend and bandmates, it sounds fun! Why? Well cause her boyfriend is in One Direction! Cool huh? I'm not a really big fan, but it sounds really cool!            


Anyyyywaaaayysss, i'll tell you things about mee! Well i currently live in Colorado! Its such a beautiful place! The mountains are high an pretty, i love calling this place home, my mom owns a model company here, we are pretty rich, my parents are divorced, they divorced when i was 9 years old, i have an older sister and her name is Angel, when i was 9 she escaped she told me we were going to see eachother again, but it hasn't happened people say she is in London. That's what caused our parents to divorce more fighting, etc. I graduated high school class of 2012 babyyy! I have tons of friends, the weather here on Colorado is astonishing , it changes  like every hour. Relationship? Nahh, ain't nobody got time fo dat, well my past relationship, yes i have only had one boyfriend, i though he was the one, but until he started drinking, he abused me, he yelled at me, he cheated, you name it! My childhood hasn't been very pleasant, i got caught up in drugs, i cut, but Eleanor helped me through, even though she is in the other side of the world, she was the only one who knew what i was going through 

I love Justin Bieber, he is like the hottest boy to ever walk this earth! He is my idol, he is the reason i stopped drugs, why? Music, his music made me want to do music, i write songs, i play piano, guitar, and drums. I also like Drake, Rihanna, Nicki minaj , Fun, Ed Sheeran, anything R&b or a meaning you name it! I LOVE tacos! They are so yummy, anyways thats it for now! Bye loves! 



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