Meeting in Paris

Lucy Muller is a French 17 year old girl. She has never known her dad and her mom... well you'll know that later. She now lives with her big brother Antoine in Paris but she's from London and she's going to move back. Her mom is French and her dad English. She left England because of her abusif ex boyfriend. Oh did I mention she hates the band 'One Direction' ? Well it's not real hate she just feels betrayed cause one of them left her at an important time of her life.Then one day she's just randomly gonna bump into a guy who she recognizes as the bestfriend of hers that she had lost. What will she do when the curly haired guy she has just met bring her back to the bestfriend she had missed so much. Will she fall in love with the curly haired boy in the city of love. It's again full of love, friendship, drama and pain. But love always wins.


7. Shopping, new friendship and getting ready for a wonderful date


I woke up next to Harry still sleeping like everybody else expect Louis. I heard some noises in the kitchen so I went and saw Louis. "Hey." I said smiling. "Hey Lu, slept well next to Harry ?" He asked while making kissing noises. "HA...HA... Very funny." "Ooh don't even try to tell me you don't like him cause I know you to well for that !" I smiled and blushed. "So what are you gonna wear ? 'Something nice but not to fancy'" he said joking. "Louis Tomlinson !! Where you eavesdropping on your 2 best friends ?" I said laughing, and he joined me. "But actually I don't know. I'm leaving in a couple of weeks so I packed everything I didn't think I'll need. And pretty dresses are exactly what I thought I wouldn't need." I said. It was true I had nothing to wear. "Eleanor is coming in an hour and she wanted to go shopping, I thought of going with her, but PLEEAASE take my place. I hate shopping !!" He said. I remembered every time I begged him to go shopping with me. "Ok but I don't really know her. What if she doesn't like me ?" "Ooh Lulove everyone likes you !" He took me in a big hug. "I missed you so much." I couldn't help my tears. "Me 2 Lu, me 2 so much!" After that I went to take a shower and Louis dropped me and Eleanor at the mall.

AT THE MALL. : "Soooo ? You and Harry ? What's going on ?" I was surprised that she was so forward but I was happy cause she was easy to talk to. "Well... I don't know. He told me he thinks he likes me. And I actually really like him but I know what people say about him, so I don't know..." I said. "If I believe what Louis says then he must really love you cause apparently he looks at you with loving eyes and I have never seen Harry looking at anyone with loving eyes." I smiled. Was I special ? "So what do you need for tonight ?" She asked. "A nice dress but not to fancy." I said. We looked in a couple of shops and I finally found a high low purple-blue dress, with a really thin black belt at the waist. Then I found some high heeled black mini boots and a black clutch. I also bought a couple of other clothes. We went to eat at Burger King afterwards. Me and El became really good friends. We kept on laughing and joking around. "That dress will look AMAZING on you !"El said. "Thanks. It's already 3 ? We have to go I have to be ready for 5." "Ok let's go I texted Louis his on his way." Louis came 10minutes later and dropped me of at my place. I took a shower, I got ready, put on some makeup and I did a braid with my hair to the side. I was wearing my new dress with my boots and a black pearl necklace. I put my phone, my wallet my mini makeup bag in the new clutch. I looked a few times in the mirror and thought I didn't look that bad. I got out of my room and went into my brother's. "How do I look ?" He turned around and looked surprised. "If he doesn't fall head over heels with you tonight then he has seriously NO taste. Tu es magnifique." He said and hugged me. "My little sister is getting all grown up." We laughed. I was gonna miss him so badly ! I didn't like to think about it but it'll happen in a few weeks. I looked over at my watch and saw I had 30min left. I sat down on the couch and watched a little tv. When I had 5min left I went to the mirror and looked once again. I was still fine I just put some MAC lipstick on. Viva Glam II , my favorite. Then I heard someone at the door I ran towards it but Antoine was first.
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