Meeting in Paris

Lucy Muller is a French 17 year old girl. She has never known her dad and her mom... well you'll know that later. She now lives with her big brother Antoine in Paris but she's from London and she's going to move back. Her mom is French and her dad English. She left England because of her abusif ex boyfriend. Oh did I mention she hates the band 'One Direction' ? Well it's not real hate she just feels betrayed cause one of them left her at an important time of her life.Then one day she's just randomly gonna bump into a guy who she recognizes as the bestfriend of hers that she had lost. What will she do when the curly haired guy she has just met bring her back to the bestfriend she had missed so much. Will she fall in love with the curly haired boy in the city of love. It's again full of love, friendship, drama and pain. But love always wins.


12. Never turning back


My brother left yesterday, a little earlier than expected, leaving me all alone. And Harry was also leaving early, tomorrow. Did everyone want to leave me that badly ? I felt sad and when I feel sad I think about my mom. In one month it would be 2years since she died and today it's been 2 years since Louis left me. It wasn't a good day. I heard a knock on the door. I opened and saw all the boys in my flat. "What're you guys doing here ?" I said pissed off to see them. "Well someone is happy to see me." Harry said. "I'm sorry, Harry it's just not a good day for me." Harry was gonna ask what's wrong but Louis came over to me giving me a hug and whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry for leaving you 2years ago. I'll leave you again tomorrow but we'll see each other in 2 weeks." I smiled. "One week actually, I decided that I would leave early." "That's great." He hugged me tighter. "So what're we doing today ?" Liam asked. "I'm not in the mood for anything. Just let me go back to my bed !!" I said walking towards my almost empty room. "Come on Lulove. We're leaving tomorrow !! You won't see us and Harry for a looooong time." He said winking at me. He knew that I was leaving for England but no one else knew. "Fine, lets just do a movie day." A smile grew on everyones faces. "Wait where are all your stuff ?" Zayn asked. "Well my brother left with most of them and I'm leaving for college in a year so I don't really need that much right now." I tried to to sound as believable as I could. "Ok we'll go to our hotel then." I went with them and we arrived at the hotel. We watched a couple of movies. I was sitting next to Harry with my head laying down on his chest and his arm around my waist. Even if it was just for one week I would really miss him. When I thought about that tears came running down. I wouldn't see him, but maybe it wouldn't have been for only 1 week. Wait no ! I wouldn't think about that. Of course I would see him again. I ended up sleeping with them and bringing them to the airport. Harry looked even more devastated. "I'll see you soon, babe. We'll text everyday, and I'll call you, I'll Skype you everyday." I smiled hearing that. He was always so sweet. "I love you Mr. Styles" "I love you to M. Miller." Then he kissed me as passionately as ever. It was soft and gentle sending sparks and warmth all over my body. I could feel his smile thru the kiss and that made me smile too. Then I felt tears forming when someone came over to call him. I watch him leave him and it was hurtful.

It has been 6 days since they left. I double-check my bags. Passport, check. Boarding pass, check. Phone, check. Wallet, check. Makeup bag, check. I think I have everything. I wander around in my apartment for the last time. Everything was empty, I had sent everything over to my new apartment over there. Well you could call it a shoebox cause it was tiny but I didn't have a lot of money. My dad sent us money every month. And you might think it's weird cause we don't know him but it has always been like that. One day he'll come back for us. I closed the door behind me and took a cab to the train station where I would take a train for London. Au revoir Paris, au revoir Tour Eiffel, au revoir maman. I took my train and left never turning back.
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