Meeting in Paris

Lucy Muller is a French 17 year old girl. She has never known her dad and her mom... well you'll know that later. She now lives with her big brother Antoine in Paris but she's from London and she's going to move back. Her mom is French and her dad English. She left England because of her abusif ex boyfriend. Oh did I mention she hates the band 'One Direction' ? Well it's not real hate she just feels betrayed cause one of them left her at an important time of her life.Then one day she's just randomly gonna bump into a guy who she recognizes as the bestfriend of hers that she had lost. What will she do when the curly haired guy she has just met bring her back to the bestfriend she had missed so much. Will she fall in love with the curly haired boy in the city of love. It's again full of love, friendship, drama and pain. But love always wins.


25. Feeling like a princess


I was a bit later than I had planned to but I parked my car in a street next to her apartment to be sure not to be seen there. We had been seen together but I didn't like her being to much under the pressure of being famous certainly not with the fans. Don't get me wrong, they were nice and most of them were amazing but when it got to the ones that were jealous, it wasn't always easy for our girlfriends. So to go back to the story, I got out of the car and took the side entrance to her apartment building. I took the stairs and got in front of her room. Driiiiiiing. I heard some steps and movement going from side to side. "Coming !" I heard a lot of things fall or break, some cursing and then I also heard her fall and scream. "Oooouch." She said before opening the door. "Hey,Harry." She smiled beautifully. "Hey, love. Were you fighting against a gorilla ?" I laughed. "You know I can just stay here and you can go back to your 5 stars flat." She closed the door, almost. I had put my foot before it could close completely. "You can't just throw me out." I said in my sexy voice. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her neck, making her moan softly. She pushed me away. "Let's go!" She was blushing and I could see she was flustered. It made me smile.


We were driving to his flat and were almost there. "I'm nervous for Niall and Nathalie." "Why?" He asked. "I want it to go well!" "How can it go wrong Niall was drooling over her." Harry chuckled. "Yeah, you're right."

Arrived a couple of minutes later. They were a lot of fans around the car as we tried to get into the parking lot. They were screaming, crying and even fainting. It was crazy to think that I was one of those but maybe that was one of the reasons the fans weren't too mean with me. I think they could see themselves in me. We waved to a couple of them, harry signed and took pictures, I even took some pictures with some fans what made me feel a bit better about myself.

We finally got inside the building. "Lets go straight to the pool." "Sure." I followed him into the elevator and we went down from 2 or 3 levels. "Mr. Styles." "Hello." The woman gave us towels and opened the door for us. "How come there's no one ?" I looked around the pool and it was all empty. No one. "I may have rent it for the an hour or 3." He smiled cheekily. "Harry!" "What ?" "I don't want you to spend money on me..." He smiled and put his arms around me. "How do you want me to be happy if I can't even spend money on the girl I love?" Every time he said that, my heart would just pop out of my chest and I would be overwhelmed with happiness. I took my dress of and saw his eyes looking all over me, making me extremely pleased. I wanted to make him drool over me, like I did over him, but he couldn't know that. I dived into the pool in front of him still feeling his eyes on me. He quickly followed me into the water. "Can I kiss you, if I catch you ?" I smiled at his stupid question. I didn't answer and just went under water swimming as fast as I could, still looking behind me to be sure he wasn't to close. At one point, he caught me. I was stuck in between the pool wall and him, extremely close to me. It didn't take him long before his arms were rapped around me. "So what now, Haz ?" "So you ARE a fan ?" He asked pretty pleased. "I am not. I hated 'One Direction' remember ?" "But you called me the same way my fans do." "Yeah, well. Lets go back to the point where you kiss me." He smiled and kissed me like I had asked. Like every time, his soft lips came in touch with mine, making me feel loved. The small interaction changed into, a Very passionate kiss. His hands were sliding from the upper side of my body to the lower side of my back, while I played with his wet curls. We pulled away for a second just to breathe, but it didn't take long for us to make contact again. His kiss went from my lips to my neck. It made my head spin. "Woaw, that's disgusting..." "Harry get away from her!" We pulled away quickly and saw the two familiar faces on the chairs. "Harry! Seriously! Why are you sticking your tongue down my best friend's throat!" Louis was joking but he was kind off serious. "What are you even doing here ?" Harry asked frustrated. "We thought we would go for a swim." Louis said. "That's not true, Lou just wanted to check on you." Liam continued. "Yeah and when I see that, I'm happy I came." He jumped into the pool and jumped on Harry. I took a step to my right so that I didn't get down with Harry. I walked out of the swimming pool and laid down on one of the chairs. "Louis! See what you've done ? She's out of the pool now." Harry pouted. "Not for long." Liam pushed me into the pool. "LIAM!" I yelled laughing. Louis got out and pushed Liam into the water as well.

We kept on pushing each other in the pool every time someone tried to get out, we had some massive water fights, we laughed a lot, but we didn't have any privacy at all. Actually, we did once when Harry took me down with him and kissed me. After that, we got scolded by Louis.


Niall opened the door for me and I sat in the front of his car. He turned around it and sat next to me. "What have you planned for tonight ?" I asked. I was way too nervous and he looked so handsome. "I'm not telling you yet. But have I told you how amazing you look ?" It was the second time now and every time I felt amazing. He was also very timid cause he would start blushing. I knew I liked him a lot but I wasn't sure about him. Everyone kept telling me that but I just wasn't sure, a girl's thing I guess. "We're here." The sound of his voice made me jump out of my thoughts. He opened the door for me and that's when I saw a big boat on the beautiful river shining because of the full moon. "Come on, follow me." Niall took my hand and led me on the boat. We went on the upper part. There was just one table for two. He slid the chair back so I could sit on it. He was so cute. "This is amazing." "You are amazing." I smiled and he blushed. "So I want to get to know you. How did you get here ?" He asked. "Well I've always lived in England. What about you ?" "I'm from Ireland, I came here for the X-Factor and they put me in a band that's called One Direction. Oh by the way, no comments on the name, it's one of the idiots who chose it. Maybe you heard about us, we're a bit famous in a couple of countries." I laughed at the way he said that, with his funny and cute Irish accent. "You're funny, but I think I did hear some songs. What were the names ? 'What makes you beautiful', 'Gotta be you', 'One thing', 'Kiss you', 'Rock me', 'Over again', 'Little things', 'Change my mind', 'One way or another'..." He smiled. "So you are a fan. " " I guess that's how you can call me, and those are just my favorites." He chuckled and was about to talk before a waitress came over. "Can I take your orders ?" We ordered drinks and a meal, it was delicious. He put his hand over mine making me blush massively. "What would you think if I said I liked you ?" He looked at me and it took me some time to realize what he was saying. His smile disappeared and concern filled his eyes. "I shouldn't have asked." "Niall calm down." I smiled, it was kind of funny to see him like this. "I like you too." "Really ?" He took his puppy eyes face. "Really." He was too cute for me. He actually looked like a dog, with his puppy face. "Want to go closer to the water ?" I nodded as he led me down to the down part of the boat. We sat all the way in the way in the back, on a black couch. He pulled me closer to me and rapped a cover around us. I let my head fall in his shoulder as I looked at the beautiful London Tower Bridge. "I will never be able to thank you enough for this. It's really beautiful." "I think you're beautiful." He said looking at me. I looked up and smiled. "You are a little incredible leprechaun." He smiled and leaned in. "No no." "What ?" He asked "I don't kiss guys that don't tell me they like me. I'm sorry." I turned around pretty slowly just to be able to still see his reaction. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. "I care about you, I like seeing you smile and laugh, it gives off a warm feeling. Everything about you makes me feel happy, just seeing you gives me a feeling that I can't describe, it just feels unreal." I could feel tears filling my eyes. He looked so sincere. "So, yes I like you Nathalie, a lot." I didn't get the chance to answer before his lips crashed on mine. It was sweet and soft. No lust or roughness. Just a kiss full of feelings, no one would be able to describe. It was just amazing and I couldn't tell him how much it meant to me.

That was the end of a wonderful date. I guess it was just a fairy tail ending, like every princess dreamed of.
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