Meeting in Paris

Lucy Muller is a French 17 year old girl. She has never known her dad and her mom... well you'll know that later. She now lives with her big brother Antoine in Paris but she's from London and she's going to move back. Her mom is French and her dad English. She left England because of her abusif ex boyfriend. Oh did I mention she hates the band 'One Direction' ? Well it's not real hate she just feels betrayed cause one of them left her at an important time of her life.Then one day she's just randomly gonna bump into a guy who she recognizes as the bestfriend of hers that she had lost. What will she do when the curly haired guy she has just met bring her back to the bestfriend she had missed so much. Will she fall in love with the curly haired boy in the city of love. It's again full of love, friendship, drama and pain. But love always wins.


8. Date night


I ran towards the door but Antoine was first I knew what was gonna happen. He would ask Harry a couple of questions and look at how he behaves. He didn't let Harry in, he just looked up and down. Even I couldn't see Harry from where he was. "Where are you taking her ?" He asked. "Well actually I'm pretty sure she's listening and I would want it to stay a surprise." Harry said. "Lucy go in your room NOW !" I was gonna say something but I guessed it was better to just do what he said. I went to my room and could hear and see them talking but I couldn't understand. Antoine looked happy so I thought it was gonna be fine. He called me back in and I could finally see Harry. He looked handsome, very handsome, very really handsome.


After having to answer at a couple of questions, I could finally get in. Then Lucy came over and she looked gorgeous. "Hey." She said, I could see she was nervous. "Hey, you look amazing." I said and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a purple dress with black boots and when we were about to leave she took a black leather jacket. "Shall we go ?" I said with a little smile. "I'd love to." "Bring her back around 11." I heard Tony say. "I'll do that." And we left. I knew she had lived in Paris for 2 years so I put a black piece of clothing on her eyes so that she couldn't tell where we were going. "When will you tell me ?" She asked. "I won't tell you, you'll see it yourself." We were in the car, we went into the parking of a huge building. I took it of so that she could see. "Where are we ?" She asked. "You'll see." We went to the elevator and I pushed on the last button to go all the way up. "Where are you taking me ?" I just didn't answer cause I didn't want to. The elevator doors opened and she went outside on the roof. "Oh my god... Harry... This is... Beautiful." She said looking at the view we had. There was a little table with candles and some things to eat in the middle of the roof. Left to us, we had the Eiffel Tower. "Not as beautiful as you." I said. "Cheeeesyyyy." She laughed. We went to the table and ate. "Harry thank you so much for this. It's honestly amazing. No one has ever done this for me." She said. "Well that's to bad for them cause I got to eat with the most beautiful girl in the world." I said. She blushed and looked down. "Oh come on Harry !" She chuckled. She was so cute I just couldn't help but smile when I saw her. We could see the sun going down what made everything even more beautiful. We were done eating so we went back down and walked towards the Eiffel Tower. I saw she was cold so I gave her my blazer and took her hand in mine. "Harry ?" "Yes" I answered. I could see something was troubling her. "No nothing." She said. "What's wrong, love ?" "Nothing really." She said again. I thought knowing her she would just tell me later. We walked on the Eiffel Tower and looked at the sun going down then I looked over at her. She was already looking at me. She put her hand around my neck, I put mine on her waist and leaned in stopping so close that I could feel her breath. "I don't think I like you anymore. I'm sure !" She smiled and came closer. Our lips met and it felt warm. It felt like a shock going thru my hole body. "I like you too Harry." She looked at the view and I was standing behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Harry, what are we doing ?" She asked what made me worried cause she didn't seem happy. "What do you mean ?" "Well you're leaving in 15 days. I'm only lea..." I cut her of cause I didn't want to even hear what she would say, being to scared. I turned her around so that I was facing her. "Don't worry." I kissed her but this time it lasted longer. It was full of passion. After n hour I had to bring her back. We were standing in front of her door I was about to kiss her on the lips when the door opened and I heard "Enough for tonight, Romeo !! Juliette go to your room." I kissed her on the cheek and left. After he closed the door I could still hear them laughing what made me laugh. I came back at our hotel and went to sleep with I a smile on my face. I was thinking about her.


I came back and l kinda scolded my brother for not letting me kiss him. Then I thought about not being able to tell him I was going to London. Afterwards I just thought it was his own fault and I wouldn't tell him. I would just meet him somewhere in London at a random moment. Hey ! Don't be mad. If he doesn't want me to talk, he won't know the subject. I was kinda proud of myself. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. I was thinking about him.
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