Meeting in Paris

Lucy Muller is a French 17 year old girl. She has never known her dad and her mom... well you'll know that later. She now lives with her big brother Antoine in Paris but she's from London and she's going to move back. Her mom is French and her dad English. She left England because of her abusif ex boyfriend. Oh did I mention she hates the band 'One Direction' ? Well it's not real hate she just feels betrayed cause one of them left her at an important time of her life.Then one day she's just randomly gonna bump into a guy who she recognizes as the bestfriend of hers that she had lost. What will she do when the curly haired guy she has just met bring her back to the bestfriend she had missed so much. Will she fall in love with the curly haired boy in the city of love. It's again full of love, friendship, drama and pain. But love always wins.


4. Big Brother

Harry's POV

She stayed with us all day. We cleaned her wound. She was fun to be around with. But then she suddenly jumped up "Merde" she said again. Well now I knew it meant shit. She took the shopping bags so I guessed she had to take them back home. I stood up "Wait I'll bring you back." "Would you mind if I come with you, I really want to see Antoine and your mom again." Louis said. He really missed her, I could see it. He used to always talk of her as a little sister. "Thanks Harry and sure." She said smiling. I took her bags and so did Louis. I took my keys and my jacket. We asked George -our driver- to take us to the address she gave us. He stopped in front of a building where I suppose she was living. George opened the door for us, she stepped out first, then me and then Louis. More we were close to her flat, more I could she she was nervous. I didn't know why but I thought it wasn't the best moment to ask.

Lucy's POV

Was I so stupid ? My mom wasn't home, she passed away one month after Louis left, that's why I moved to France she was buried here and I just needed to feel like I was close to her. And also because of Jimmy who was stalking me, but that's for later. I couldn't tell Louis she died, he would feel guilty for leaving me, I didn't want this ! I just have to figure away to never talk about my mom, that would be hard. I took my keys out and opened the door.

We came in and Antoine was there. "Oh mon dieu, Lu ! I was worried." Me and my brother were used to talk Frenglish. It was a language we invented, it's just talking French and English. Then he looked from me to Harry, Louis was kind off hiding beside him. "Oh Tony" that's how I called my brother. "This is Harry, I met him on my way back from grocery shopping. He's a member of 'One Direction'". He looked shocked. Well of course he knew that Louis was a member too. He looked over at me. And then Louis came out from beside Harry. I saw my brother's eyes widen. "Oh my god ! THE Louis Tomlinson ?" He said going towards him to give him a hug. They were always good friends, they're almost the same age. "Yes sir." He said laughing. Then he hugged Harry, what was surprising cause they knew each other for like... 2 minutes.

Louis and my brother talked with each other while me and Harry were making some tea. "What's wrong ?" He asked. "What ? Nothing." "You just look nervous about something." He said "Nope not at all." "Not very convincing." He said laughing. Then we went back to the living. And the question I feared the most was asked by Louis."Where's your mom ?" I saw that Tony was surprised. "She's out." I answered. There was an awkward silence. My brother was looking at me. He was mad, sad and confused. I felt guilty. "Hey Lulove why don't you come at our hotel to have a sleepover like we used to ?" Louis asked. I turned around and looked at my brother giving him the please-let-me-go- look. He nodded. "I'll go take my pj's." I said as I walked to my room, my brother followed. When we came in he closed the door behind me. "What was that ? Our mom isn't out ! She passed away !" He asked, he was mad what I wasn't used to. He was never mad. "I... I just don't want him to feel guilty for leaving me. I knew it had always been his dream and it was an amazing chance for him. You know him, you know how sad he gets, he hates when someone hurts me so if he knows our mom died... Please don't tell him." Teas were filling my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. He hugged me, then whispered "I won't tell him. Not cause I think it's a good idea, just cause I think YOU should tell him." "Yeah maybe one day." Then I took my pj's, a toothbrush, a spare of clothes and some makeup, and we all left leaving my brother alone.
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