Triplets Cass, Cattie and Callum Smith live in a society where you are weighed to see the heaviness of purity (light side) versus scars (dark side). The side you lack in is the side you're shipped off to at age 15, to become perfectly 'balanced'. Cattie, a bubbly beauty, is relocated to the Dark Side. Callum, a quiet teen, is taken to the Light Side. And then there's Cass: naturally 50-50, a very dangerous thing.


1. prologue- the weighing

Five-year-olds of every shape, size, and color lined the skinny, beige hallway dressed up in their smartest clothing. They had so little idea how the next few minutes would affect the future and their future lives. Some would go through hell, others ease and comfort. All of them were nervous when they were called to the stage in the town hall, in front of recorders, the press and their families; that is. A tall man with little but dark hair dressed in a charcoal grey pinstriped suit walked on to the stage with a microphone. He raised the device to his mouth and began to speak.

"Welcome, all; to this year's annual weighing. I am Martin Ford, and I'll be the host, if you want to call it that!" Ford's remark was responded with a few cackles from some of the parents, but he continued on. "As you might know, each child, when they are called to the stage, steps onto this platform. The monitor then will display the child's percentage of light and dark, which will be recorded and will later decide what facility the child will be relocated to at age 15. Everyone understand? Let's begin." A smirk played off on the man's face. The games had begun.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Smith, Callum William," A stocky little boy with short, honey blonde hair and dark blue eyes stepped up onto the platform. He stood up there while slightly shaking a bit, you could tell he was scared.

"79% dark, 21% light," Ford's voice echoed, igniting some applause, supportive hoots and hollers coming from his parents. He hopped down the stage, showing no emotion whatsoever.

"Smith, Caterina Emma," One of Callum's sisters hopped on to the stage. She was almost the female equivalent of her brother, only her honey blonde hair was long and curly, and her eyes were a shade of emerald , and her skin was a shade tanner. You could hear anyone from the room coo because of her beauty- they had to admit, she was gorgeous.

"83% light, 17% dark," Cattie walked down and back into the line. She cluelessly smiled.

"Smith, Cassandra Everest," The final Smith sibling, with straight brown hair, blunt bangs, and brown eyes, walked on the platform. She took a sturdy breath, and her results were in.

"50% dark, 50% light."

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