Only Mine

This story is about how Ramisha's boyfriend broke her heart. She was levying but her car got hit she got out of the car and saw a dent (she wasn't driving yet). Can anything els get worse for her? Looks like it might but she met some star between the crash who payed for a new car and it looks like there's going to be a future for this story. At least some certain boy feels that way.


12. Where?

Ramisha's P.O.V.


"HARRY!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING MEEEEE??" I asked zoo furious. "You'll find out, love"He said to me in a loving voice, i felt safe but not too safe. I see that we had entered a pool. Oh, No! Is he, he can't, he won't! I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! I'm so weak if I even try he'll get me. What should I do? I closed my eyes hoping he won't but then i felt like someone picked me up. I opened my eyes and see Harry holding me and taking me in. I need to make a move.....AND QUICK. 

"PAYBACK TIME!" Harry said as he was about to throw me in. I had to do something......WHAT????

He counted backwards from 3........2........but before he could say one i pressed my lips against him and I felt him put me down. I pushed away and grabbed a bucket and Harry looked confused I got water in my bucket and dumped on Harry and in seconds he was soaking wet! 

"RAMISHA!!" He yelled chasing me. I was laughing soo much for some reason. Couldn't stop laughing at Harry, HE FELL FOR IT!! " GOOD SHOW, GOOD SHOW!" I yelled to Harry behind me and he was soooo going to feet me back with the look on his face. I suddenly slow down cause I get tired but i'm still running!! Harry caught up to and said, 

"Not letting go of you this time!" He was winking at me. Cheeky boy, but i still love.....i mean like him. He held on to me until we got to the pool were he thew me in creating a splash. 

"THAT WAS AWESOME!!" I said to Harry as he came in to the water. "You're never gonna catch me!!" I said swimming as far as I can while looking back and Harry following behind me. I wasn't looking in front and I heard a LOUD BANG and everything went blank.

Harry's P.O.V.

What happened to Ramisha? OH MY GOD! SHE'S......did she faint? I pick her up and see she's unconscious. Oh, no! This is all my fault if I hadn't gotten her back we wouldn't be in this situation now would we? I don't think so. I took her to the hospital and checked her in and they took her off forcing me behind. Wait....WAit....WAIt....WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY AND I STILL CAN'T GO INSIDE! I'm so lonely.


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