Only Mine

This story is about how Ramisha's boyfriend broke her heart. She was levying but her car got hit she got out of the car and saw a dent (she wasn't driving yet). Can anything els get worse for her? Looks like it might but she met some star between the crash who payed for a new car and it looks like there's going to be a future for this story. At least some certain boy feels that way.


14. Tour Time!

 Harry's P.O.V

I had just came back from the hospital with Ramisha and I just dropped her off cause she wanted to go to finish homework but no way i am not letting her go to school. I just arrived at my apartment and all the boys were sitting on the couch quietly. I needed to break the silence, they didn't see me so i dropped my keys on the counter and all eyes were on me. They boys suddenly all came to me and fast.

"Where's Ramisha? We want to meet her, finally. You haven't even shown her to us, why not?" Lou said all up in my face. "Umm.... she's in ...... the apartment........doing ....homework." I finally said. "Well, Hazza, you've been dating for a month now and we still didn't get to meet her!" Lou said surprisingly very mad at me. It's my girlfriend I can do whatever I want with her permission.

"I'll brin her tomorrow............ because i'm not letting her go.......... to school. I'll ring her here." I said and they all gave me warming smiles. FINALLY they all let me go to my room. I took a quick shower and changed into some sweats and a v-neck and just brushed my hair and blow dried it until they became their own self. I walked downstairs and say them all playing monopoly and sat down with them and watched.

"Sooo Hazza, how's Ramisha, heard she went to the hospital." Liam said, how'd he figure that out? "Umm....she's alright, I guess." I say while staring in mid space and remembering what she said to me in the hospital.


"Are you going to tell?" She said, hmmmm what is she talking about? "Tell what?" I said confused. She probably thinks i'm stupid. "Tell the world that you're mine! Officially."OHHHHH, gosh i'm stupid. But I thought.......... "I thought you didn't want to tell the world about us." I said confused. "It doesn't matter, at least girls would know to stay off of you." She said, AWWWWWW! I giggled and replied, "Then yes, I will, For us."


"HARRY!" They all screamed, oops I zoned out on them. "Uhh.........Yea?" I said hoping they didn't say anything before that. "HE'S ALIVE!" Lou screamed, oh gosh.

"Ummm yeah I am." I said as I grabbed my phone and went on twitter. All the boys were string at me. "Umm.. did i miss something?" I said hoping they would stop staring. They all shake their heads and go back to their game. I started to tweet to the fans. 'Had a good afternoon with @Ramisha_Heyy but i'm so sorry you had to go to the hospital. :(' and then i got a lot of retweets and replies, I scrolled through some of them and thankfully they were all nice. 'OHHHHHHHHH, WHO'S RAMISHA? IS SHE YOUR GIRLFRIEND?? SHE'S BEAUTIFUL' I laugh at that. ' ohhhhhh, is she okay? Take good care of her Hazza, girls are fragile.' I favourite that and i put a new tweet

'I would like to introduce you to my new girlfriend, @Ramisha_Heyy' Then i read the replies, ' Awwwww, what a lucky girl!', 'HAY, HARRY'S MINE! No joking but I hope you guys will be happy together.' That made me happy so i favourite it. I look up and see them no longer playing and on their phones like me, except for Niall, he's stuffing his mouth in the kitchen. I did a quick silent laugh but not silent enough for the boys to hear me. "Sooooo, what to time do we get to meet your girlfriend?" Zayn said as he stared at em smiling, at least not with a dead look though. " Umm tomorrow at 7:15." I say, they all stare at me and say, " Hw are you going to pull that off, isn't she going to school?" They ask in unison, that creeped me out. " Well, she wants to go to school...... but she came back from the hospital and i'm not letting her go........ so i'm gonna pick her up thinking we're going to go to school but i'll bring her here. I won't let her go to school until she feels better."

They all nod and they went back to their phones. I got a text from Paul he said, 'Harry, you guys are going back on tour in a week tell the other boys for me.' WAIT, WHAT! I FORGOT ABOUT THE TOUR! I HAVE TO LEAVE RAMISHA, NO WAYY! I hen reply to Paul,  'Can I bring someone with me on tour?' then seconds later he replied back,

'Sure, I know who you will bring, you can tell the boys they can bring someone if they want too but only 1 person each!' I smile and then I face the boys, they're still on their phones, "OKAY GUYS LISTEN UP!'" They all look at me confused.

"WE ARE GONIG BACK TO TOUR IN A WEEK AND WE CAN BRING 1 PERSON IF WE WANT!! PAUL TEXTED ME LETTING ME KNOW." I said loudly, I think the people downstairs heard me. they all smile except Niall. I go to the kitchen and ask Niall, "Are you okay, Mate?" "Yeaahhh" He says with his face down and then he stares at me and finally says, "Well, it's just that I know who you all are going to bring, your girlfriends, but I don't have a girlfriend. I'll be lonely." He said with a frown. "Awww Nialler, why don't we go find you a girl, or how about we get our girls to find you a girl." I say while Niall smiles and says thanks, " No problem, Mate" I say back.

We all but Niall grab our phones and start texting our girlfriends about the tour and Niall. The text ding came at the same time and we all looked up at each other an laughed, I quickly look down and see that she said, 'YESS, A MILLION TIMES! But one problem, school :(' I look down and ten got an Idea,' This is one in a lifetime opportunity, and i get to be with my girl, please don't  make me be sad on my own tour! And how about Niall?' I text while facing Niall, who's still stuffing his face. I laugh very quietly this time, and thankfully no one heard me.

She replied back and said, 'OF COURSE I'LL COME, AND FOR NIALLER, YES!' I smile and reply 'GREAT! You'll be looking with they other's girlfriends, kay? Can't wait to see you xox.' I then look up and everyone looks up too and then we all got that they can do it, we look at Niall and I say to him,"They will do it, and come with us!" I said excitedly.

Ramisha's P.O.V.

YES! HARRY JUST ASKED ME TO GO ON TOUR WITH HIM!!!! I'M GOING ON TOUR ON TOUR YEAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That mans I should pack, wait when is it? then I text Harry that and he replies in seconds,'In a week, babe, oh babe you wanna come over the boys wanna see you.' I SCREAM IN EXCITEMENT, 'Oh, babe remember my new apartment kay.' I close my phone and changed into some white shorts and and a tang top, I was the only one in the house so I left my fiend  note, I forgot to say me and my friend moved out together, my dad allowed it! i left her a note saying, ''HEYY, I'm going to Harry's house (my bf) and ill be back after 7 and i'm going to be for tour with them, i'm sorry for leaving you, but I love you both but It's only going to be for a month, then i'm all yours! Bye for now (just saying it's in a week) I grabbed my car keys and left.

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