Only Mine

This story is about how Ramisha's boyfriend broke her heart. She was levying but her car got hit she got out of the car and saw a dent (she wasn't driving yet). Can anything els get worse for her? Looks like it might but she met some star between the crash who payed for a new car and it looks like there's going to be a future for this story. At least some certain boy feels that way.


7. Hospital

Ramisha's P.O.V. 

   I saw Harry on the ground and it broke my heart, WHY!?!?! I'm still so confused with myself. I called the ambulance and they came right away and they said I could come along. I sat inside and was zoo depressed. I was......WORRIED! I think i'm developing feelings for Harry, but HE'S A PLAYER DON' WANT MY HEART TO BE BROKEN AGAIN! I GET TO ATTACHED AND I LOVE EASILY, everything gets taken away from me.

   I waited in the waiting room until the doctor came out. I shot up and asked him, 

" Is Harry ok?" I said while playing with my hands. I waited and he said, " He'll live, why don't you go see him." He said the first part as a joke, why is he joking around? He led me to Harry's room. I got to one side and the doctor was on the other side of the bed I was very worried.

" Harry? Are you okay?" I asked, hid eyes fluttered open and said, " Ummm, Ramisha, right?" He said unconfidently.

"Yeaaa, it's me! Ramisha!" I said happily. " Why are you so happy?" he asked me confused.

Yes, WHY AM I HAPPY, I HAVE A FEELING IN MY HEART, It's happiness. "I don't know why I am, I honestly don't." I said confused too.

" I GOT YOU!" He stood up and said loudly. "WHAT!?!!?!?!?" I said shot up infused and angry!

" THIS WAS A TRICK! I wanted to see what you would do. And you were about to open up to me, tell me your feelings weren't you?" He said confidently. I rose up and left angrily.

Harry's P.O.V.

   I had just tricked Ramisha and it was HILARIOUS, but now she's mad at me! I got up and followed Ramisha and she was ignoring me the whole time. 

"I'm sorry!" I said seriously. She stopped and turned around to face me. "Yeah you are sorry, I was about to open up to you, but your nothing but a player and a prankster." She said angrily and left in a taxi. My heart fell. I need to get out of this hospital, so I checked out. She felt so hurt and her face was so angry but beautiful. I NEED TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT! I can't believe I was so stupid! 

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