Only Mine

This story is about how Ramisha's boyfriend broke her heart. She was levying but her car got hit she got out of the car and saw a dent (she wasn't driving yet). Can anything els get worse for her? Looks like it might but she met some star between the crash who payed for a new car and it looks like there's going to be a future for this story. At least some certain boy feels that way.


9. Finally It Happens

Harry's P.O.V. 

SHE'S GOING DOWN! I got her back with the cake but I need some stronger prank because I pranked her she pranked me back She hosed me and I threw cake on her face....sounds like a relationship ;) I thought to myself.  I should... do something special that will surprise her... or how about enough of pranks and I set up a date. I went over to Ramisha and asked her,

"Do you ant to go out and 1 think I won't do is prank on this date." I said honestly and she looked at me and nodded slowly, "Is that a yes?" I said kinda confused. 

"Yes." She said confidently, YES!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!! I'm super happy I can't believe it! " One thing I won't make the promise on pranking DOUGH! ;) HINT* HINT*" She said very happily. I went in the kitchen and got some pizza and then I remembered her say DOUGH..... Dough?? I keep thinking and I take a bite of my Pizza and then I rush to the sink and drank loads of water!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HARRY! I GAVE YOU A HINT...DOUGH!" She said to me while laughing. I splashed cold water on her face and she was shivering. " HARRY!" she said to me with her jaw dropped and she was like a statue, frozen.

Ramisha's P.O.V. 

  HE'S GONNA GET IT! But I'm actually ahead of pranking but doesn't hurt to take the lead further! I got out some flour and eggs. He knew where I was going with this I hit him and crack dan egg at the top of his and on his nose and put flour on his face. He looked soooo hilarious that I couldn't help laughing. 

I ran before he could get me back... I knew he was get me back so I let him, doesn't hurt to be even. He threw a doughnut at me, "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT GIRL!!?" I screamed cause he was outside and then I ran to him and I fell but that wasn't going to stop me. I got back up to see Harry was gone.

"Harry?" I said worried and confused. Then I look to the house and the door was closed. I try opening it but it was locked! I see Harry peeking from the window. "HARRY OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed while knocking on the door. He opened the door and said, " Enjoy some fresh air?" He said happily, but that was going to change. I found a broom, and got an idea. I grabbed the broom and sat on it. "BROOM BROOM GO GIVE ME TO HARRY POTTER!" I said while clapping my hands. Harry laughed so hard that he fell I got him by the legs and dragged him, or at least tried, i'm weak. He got up and he stood right in front of me. I looked because Harry was a few inches taller than me and I i look into his eyes and he looks into mine and before I knew it his lips were touching mine and I felt something, a spark. When he pushed away he still looked into my eyes.

"I knew there was something different about you." He said while smiling. I smiled back and I walked back outside realizing that i'm still at my friend's house and I told Harry to drive me home. 

"I'll only drive you home if you eke the car I bought you and accept to b my girlfriend." He said while looking into mine. "Gladly" I said while smiling at him and put my head on his chest. I got off and realized we were  outside. I got into Harry's car and buckled up and he did too. He said to me, " Is your dad home?" While driving. "No I sad to him he left to London for a month so he let me stay at a friend's or  alone. Harry, do you want to stay at my house for a couple of days, cause i'll be lonely for a month." I asked hoping he'll say yes. "Sure I can't let my girlfriend be lonely." H e said while smirking. I am so happy now that Harry's my....boyfriend.

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